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Cowboys Dez Bryant Only Partially Paid Up

As The (Cowboys) World Turns, I guess. Over the weekend, we posted a piece with the majority of Dez Bryant quotes from a mall autograph appearance in Oklahoma on Saturday. Bryant spoke to his relationship with owner Jerry Jones and QB Tony Romo, as well as his desire to get back to just playing football. There was a quote included regarding his financial situations from early in the offseason that was purposely 'just mentioned', as opposed to being the feature headline that some journalists decided to run with.

"I have a handle on it and it's done," Bryant said when asked about his money problems. "It's in the past and I'm ready to go ahead from here."

-Tulsa World

Being a proud pop psychologist, I saw a lot of vagueness in that response. "I have a handle on it" indicates that you have a game plan. That is a significant difference from "it's done".  Turns out that Bryant does in fact, only have a game plan. According to this report by ESPN's Calvin Watkins, Bryant is only "done" with the lawsuit for $246,000 that was settled earlier this year with a New York jeweler. The Texas lawsuit is still alive and kicking, as the plaintiff's attorney told ESPN.



...he still owes Colleyville jeweler and ticket broker Eleow Hunt a little more than $600,000 for jewelry, tickets and personal loans.

Hunt's attorney, Beth Ann Blackwood, told ESPN Dallas on Sunday night that the lawsuit is on hold while Bryant's attorney -- Texas State Senator Royce West -- is in special session in Austin.

There doesn't seem to be much information on the third lawsuit Bryant faced, for unpaid rent in his Oklahoma State days. Watkins suggests that Dez is waiting to collect on unpaid bonuses in order to settle the debts. This would make sense, considering the man hasn't earned a single paycheck since reports surfaced of the debts.

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