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Are You Afraid Of Plaxico Burress?

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard the news that Chedder Bob Plaxico Burress, former New York Giant, has been released from prison. Many teams are reportedly interested in rattling the cage (pun intended), and word is there is no chance he returns to the Giants. There is widespread speculation that the Philadelphia Eagles, quarterbacked by their own prison reclamation project Michael Vick, are a high potential landing spot for Burress. Burress will turn 34 before the 2011 season starts, and although he has spent the last 20 months avoiding going across the middle (insert jailhouse jokes here), that is old for a receiver. Could he withstand a punishing blow without asking for the number of the license plate (and then checking for his signature on it?)

When Vick missed two years of football, he sat on the bench for an entire season before seeing the field. Does Plax need that? Can Plax do that? I've seen in various comments that some Cowboys fans remember the tall, fluid receiver standing on his tip toes to catch passes over Cowboys defenders. Combine that with the 2010 play of Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman and the reason for consternation is clear. I still can't shake the sentiment, though, that this dude is about to be 34. I know 34, we've been acquainted for almost a year now. 34 says that it has no business trying to play wide receiver, at least not as a feature player. Besides, after 20 months in the clink, don't teams have to worry about Plax shrinking anytime he comes in contact with a lockdown corner? Flashbacks anyone?

In a far stretch, is there any one out there that wants to give Burress an opportunity at Valley Ranch?

So now we turn to the extremely unscientific polls. Do you think Plaxico will present a problem if he ends up back in the division?