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Jason Garrett Discusses Tony Romo, Dez Bryant And Rob Ryan

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Jason Garrett appeared on the NFL Network as part of the Total Access show which is reviewing all 32 teams. Below is a paraphrased transcript that I took from his Q&A.

Q: Tony Romo's wedding?

JG: I went to a good wedding last weekend, it was quite an affair. It was really a special night, everybody had a lot of fun.

Q: I know you couldn't talk to him about certain things, but how did he look coming back from his shoulder injury?

JG: (Jokingly) He seemed to have good movement on the dance floor. (Seriously) The offseason has been a different one. We've seen the players at functions but we're careful to stay within rules, we talk about social things, not business things.

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Q: What have you heard about Romo and the player workouts?

JG: I haven't heard directly from the players, I've read some articles about it. It sounds like our team has had good attendance, we have a lot of good leaders, a lot of our guys live in the area and a lot of good things can happen in these. I've always said players working out together is a good thing, typically it happens after practices, not in a lockout situation. When they get together and get invested into their craft, good things happen.

Q: Dez Bryant has had some issues this offseason, what are you hearing about that?

JG: With a lot of young players it takes some time to understand the life of an NFL player. One of the things we like to do is be around our players and help provide some structure in their life, with the lockout, we haven't been able to do that. We're anxious to get back with our players for a lot of reasons.

Q: What about your running backs, who is the #1 back?

JG: We don't think in terms of a #1 back, we've got a lot of good backs, each has a role on the team and they do a good job of fulfilling those roles. We did draft DeMarco Murray and he'll add to that group and will create competition at that group. Hopefully we'll get better as a team and better individually.

Q: Talk about Rob Ryan, not X's and O's, but his personality?

JG: I have great respect for Rob, as a coach and as a person. I know a lot of guys who have played for him or coached with him and they all say the same thing - he's a football guy. Guys love to play for him, he runs a sound defense, also a very multiple defense.