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Keith Brooking: Cowboys Got An Advantage Through Team Workouts

Keith Brooking appeared on the Galloway and Company radio show (KESN-FM) yesterday and talked about the Cowboys team workouts and how they compared to the rest of the league.

Brooking said that he had been hearing through the grapevine that while many teams were holding press conferences about the workouts, the workouts themselves were a 'waste of time' for many players. Not so for the Cowboys, if Brooking is to be believed: their workouts had great tempo and they apparently got a lot of work out of it. However, Brooking also acknowledges that the workouts are much more intense when a coaching staff is around and your every move is recorded by cameras.

Interestingly, this news reaches us on the same day we hear that Aaron Rodgers is confident that the Packers "will be ok minus workouts." Eli Manning also recently gave a ringing endorsement of his team's workouts: "It's not great work, but it's better than doing nothing."

Could the Cowboys really have a leg up on the competition with their workouts? After the break, read what Keith Brooking had to say, courtesy of the DMN's John Machota, who transcribed large parts of Brooking's interview.

“[Players from other teams] would come back after being gone a couple of weeks from the cities that they had the (team workouts) and they (would say), ‘That was a complete waste of time. We didn’t get nothing out of it.’ So, that was kind of the feedback that I was getting,” Brooking told the Galloway and Company radio show (KESN-FM). “But we got great work.”

“The organization that we had in our workout, it was a great tempo and we got a lot of great work out of that. And that’s not BS. I was very pleased with that. I don’t think there was a team in the league that did that. I mean they hold press conferences and say they were out there practicing, but I was kind of hearing through the grapevine that wasn’t taking place.

“I think if anything, we have an advantage because we got a great month of work in (during) May and we’re doing everything in our power to be ready. And we have contingency plans if this lockout continues through the end of July and (into) August, we’re going to get back together and do that again.”

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