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Cowboys Quick Hits: Ware Gets Top Four Status

With the real and perceived deadlines to get a labor deal done with enough time to save the season approaching, the news cycle has picked up over the last 48 hours. Not news per se, rather commentary, as it appears that many media members have returned from their summer vacations. We've had a few Cowboys nuggets over the time span, so we should all catch up on the latest to hit the Cowboys newswire.

-- The recent reports of the Cowboys training camp in San Antonio schedule might have just received a 'not so fast my friend'. []

-- Dan Graziano muses the thought of the Cowboys cutting Bradie James in his NFC East blog. [ESPN]

-- Deion Sanders has named his Hall Of Fame presenter, and it isn't anyone from the Cowboys. It's his agent Eugene Parker, which is pretty fitting for the NFL's first free agent mercenary. [ESPN]

-- Goal Line Stand, an NFL blog I contributed this Cowboys draft preview to, released their counter to the NFL Network's Top 100 players. In it, the Cowboys DeMarcus Ware shows up at a much more deserving #4 overall. Jason Witten comes in at #23, and Tony Romo comes in at #60. Romo is the last Cowboy listed and the tenth quarterback. Here's a link to the full list.

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