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Former Cowboy Deion Sanders Talks Negatively About Dez Bryant, Again

Deion Sanders recently sat down for an interview with a radio show titled 'The Rude Awakening' on WCNN. He covered a variety of topics; his upcoming Hall of Fame induction, the lockout, the lockout's effect on his Hall of Fame induction. Deion is going in as a Falcon, his original team, and that shouldn't be seen as any type of slight towards Cowboys fans. His response to a question about no longer mentoring Dez Bryant, however, isn't sitting quite right at the moment.


What happened with your mentoring of Dez Bryant? Are you still concerned about Dez Bryant?

“Everybody is. I think the Dallas Cowboys are more concerned than I am. I’m not losing any sleep by any means. It’s hard to talk to a person when they have millions man because there is so much noise in their life. Everybody around them is employed and they have ‘yes men.’ You gotta start hiring a ‘no man.’ Somebody who is going to tell you no and somebody who is going to tell you the truth and a lot of these guys don’t and when it comes to him with a lot of things I had to cut my umbilical cord with him because a lot of things people do not know about. I’m trying to open schools and get these kids prepared for the future and I can’t have that on my record saying that: How am I going to send my kids to your school and this is what you are turning out over here? No I am not turning that out over there. I have nothing to do with that and I had to cut that cord because you can’t keep doing the same old things that you’ve always done. You are going to get the same old things you’ve always got, so that’s why I had to separate myself. I love him. I see him from time-to-time. I pray for him, but as a unit we had to separate.”

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Wow. That was about as harsh of a criticism as I've seen publicly in this scenario. Deion basically said that Dez is so far gone, that his entire reputation as a mentor would suffer because of their association. Since when has a mentor throwing their protege under the bus publicly been a trait that kids in need should look up to? 'It's a lot of things people don't know about?' We wouldn't know about them if you weren't talking about them, Deion. If you really cared about Dez enough to pray for him, you couldn't have responded 'no, comment' or something extended that served the same purpose?

Sanders works for NFL Network. He is a former Cowboy that resides in the area. Sanders knows that Dez Bryant is a hot button issue, sure to circulate word of his interview as we head towards the Canton ceremony. I'm just not sure a vengefully scorned ex-mentor is a good look.

Deion teases that there are numerous instances that haven't made it to public light, seems a little self-serving to me. His work with youths is paramount and commendable, that trumps anything that deals with the game of football 10 out of 10 times. It just seems in poor taste to publicly equate the two things together.

What say you BTB? Is Deion right in continuing to speak up publicly about Dez Bryant? Is Bryant deserving of the scorn due to past transgressions that have made him the conversation starter that he is?

H/T to Birddog26 for the FanShot.

For the complete Deion interview, go here.

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