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Welcome A New Member To The BTB Front-Page

Miles Austin applauds our choice for a new front-page writer.
Miles Austin applauds our choice for a new front-page writer.

Recently, I've been looking to add another voice to BTB. OCC has long been a standout on these here pages, and KD and rabblerousr are young vets on the rise. But it was time to draft in a rookie. I turned to the FanPosts and polled the other front-page guys, and we talked to a handful of candidates. In the end, some guys had to bow out because of time constraints, but all would have been worthy additions. One guy, though, had the time, the drive, and writing capabilities to take the job. You guys know him from the FanPosts/FanShots - now, you can read him on the front page.

Welcome to the BTB writer's staff - Kegbearer! Below is his own introduction to the community, and later today he'll post his debut effort. - Dave

Kegbearer -

I am honored by the chance to get some front-page reps with team here at BTB. I take great pride in considering myself a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, one who suffered through too many days in the throes of postgame depression in 2010, as well as a dedicated football fan who loves playing, watching, following, and studying the game. I have a similar level of pride in the quality of news, analysis, discussions, and fandom at BTB and intend to respond as such to the privilege and the challenge.

I often introduce the concept of American Football to Greeks as a game of chess with gladiators. Yes, I was born on the shores of the Mediterranean, but as a child moved to Dallas where I soon put down my newly-named soccer ball and picked up a SVAA little league football helmet. My blood now runs with the most beautiful shade of blue shared by the Mediterranean and the Cowboys' Star. I still marvel at the intricacies of the game and delicate balances within a team's performance that create the incredible spectacle on the field, where even the best laid plans can crumble in an instant on any given Sunday. My personal affection, and thus much of my attention, lies with the battles in the trenches, where I played on both sides of the line and still consider some of the most vital matchups in a football game. The lines are also a microcosm that reflects the interdependency inherent on a football team - a large reason I love football and consider it the pinnacle of teamwork in sports.

While life's journeys have moved me to many places, the fates have shown their cruel humor and recently landed this outspoken Cowboys fan deep in enemy territory - in Philadelphia. BTB has become my refuge for intelligent debates and discussions of football. I hope to repay the favor and provide such opportunities moving forward.

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