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All Cowboys, All-Time Fantasy Draft: First 20 Selections (BOTB Pt. 6)

We kick off our BTB BoTB Fantasy Draft with the first 20 selections.
We kick off our BTB BoTB Fantasy Draft with the first 20 selections.

We've finally arrived at the competition! Over the last few weeks BTB has provided all of the background necessary to bring you up to speed on the historic Dallas Cowboys. We've taken a look at the best offensive coaches and defensive schemes, as well as the greatest to lace them up on both sides of the pigskin. We took special note of the quarterbacks. Looked at the offensive players and then moved on to the defense.  We provided you with the top 20 on each side, utilizing Pro Football Reference's Approximate Value metric. Now, it's time for our front page writers to put on our GM hats, and see who is able to put together the best Cowboys only roster possible.

To refresh your memories, here is how the competition will work. Each of the four GM's (O.C.C., rabblerousr, Kegbearer and myself) will participate in a fantasy football snake style draft. The order was set based on tenure, so O.C.C. gets the first pick, rabble the second, myself third and our newest addition Kegbearer fourth. Keg will hold the first pick of the second round as we reverse order.

In the first two rounds, the GM's must pick either an offensive or a defensive scheme. These selections will determine the roster slots that each GM must fill, using the player pool of all Cowboys. Each teams depth charts will be unique, we took a few liberties to assist, and break down as follows:

Follow the jump for the offensive and defensive charts, and the first 20 selections.


Position Landry Turner Garrett Payton
Description Dual QB 3rd Gen Coryell 4th Gen Coryell Lead Back Vertical
QB 2 1 1 1
RB 2 2 3 1
FB 1 1 0 1
WR 2 2 2 3
TE 1 1 2 2
OT 2 2 2 2
OG 2 2 2 2
C 1 1 1 1
OL 0 1 0 0
TOTAL 13 13 13 13

Position Landry Johnson Parcells Phillips
  Flex 4-3 4-3 Over 2 gap 3-4 Cowboy 2-5
Front 5 4 4 5 0
LB 3 3 2 1
CB 2 2 2 3
FS 1 1 1 1
SS 1 1 1 0
Ddctd DL 0 0 0 2
Ddctd Edge 0 0 0 3
Star DB 0 0 0 1
P 1 1 1 1
K 1 1 1 1
STS 1 1 1 1
LS 1 1 1 1
TOTAL 15 15 15 15


The first half of the judging will be up to the BTB community. Via the polls, confidence rankings will decide which roster was better constructed. You will have to consider the personnel that was selected and how it would be utilized in the scheme they were drafted for. In successive posts, we will match up two rosters. There will be a post each to see which roster is better equipped in the following facets of the game; Coaching, Passing Game, Running Game, Run Defense, Pass Defense and Special Teams. You will vote which unit would have the best single game, based on each player's career accomplishments.

For example, Team A and Team B meet in a semifinal. The first poll will feature a write up of each team's coaches and schemes. The poll will track which team the people have more confidence in. The next poll will examine the passing game, and so on. The cumulative poll results will account for 50% of the team's final score.

The other 50% will use PFR's Approximate Value metric. We will total the AV's of each team's roster to determine which was better constructed. We will be using career AV, to properly account for players that didn't spend their entire career's in Dallas.

OK, enough rule talk, let's see who's going to win! We've made it through 20 picks, so without further ado, here are the teams as constructed so far.

OCC rabblerousr KD Kegbearer
Round Out of Control Cowboys Cowboys in Chaos Le Noir Vingt-Deux High Noon Saloon
1 1. Garrett Offense 2. Johnson Defense 3. Payton Offense 4. Landry Defense
2 8. Parcells Defense 7. Landry Offense 6. Phillips Defense 5. Turner Offense
3 9. QB Roger Staubach 10. F5 Bob Lilly 11. RB Emmitt Smith 12. F5 Randy White
4 16. CB Deion Sanders 15. WR Michael Irvin 14. CB Mel Renfro 13. RB Tony Dorsett
5 17. LB Chuck Howley 18. QB Troy Aikman 19. WR Terrell Owens 20. OT/OG Larry Allen

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