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Cowboys Rookie David Arkin: "When The Time Comes, I'll Be Ready"

Fourth round draft pick David Arkin is eager to join Dallas Cowboys according to a report by the the Springfield, Mo. News-Leader (via Gerry Fraley at the DMN).

The News-Leader reports that offensive guard Arkin is a little frustrated that the lockout is dragging on and keeping him away from training with the Cowboys. At the same time Arkin said he's trying not to worry about training camp starting late. Instead, Arkin is spending the time in the MSU weight room getting ready for the NFL as well as he can.

ESPN's Todd Archer recently caught up with Southwest Missouri State coach Sean Coughlin, who highlighted Arkin's intelligence as one key reason Arkin is likely to make it in the NFL:

"Obviously he put in the time in the weight room and the time in the film room and worked to get better. All the things that every football player has to do, he did. But the thing that separated David is that he just played as hard as any kid I’ve ever coached. His intelligence is sky high. He is blue-collar tough. He can pick up things right away. "

Arkin's former MSU teammate, Clay Harbor, now with Philadelphia, said Arkin's intellect should be a big plus once training camp opens:

"It's not easy learning a playbook and they're going to be thrown right into the mix without a lot of repetition," Harbor said. "But Arkin is a really smart guy and that will help him a lot."

Added Arkin: "Dallas is a direct flight. I can be there within a couple of hours. When the time comes, I'll be ready."

And I think we can safely assume that Arkin will be ready for more than just taking the next flight to Dallas. Here's a guy who'll work hard and ww won't have to worry about him not learning the playbook.

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