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NFL Lockout: Players Delay Vote; Issues To Be Worked Out

After the news of the owners approving a deal earlier tonight, comes the news that the player's are none too happy with what's transpired. DeMaurice Smith:

"Issues that need to be collectively bargained remain open; other issues, such as workers' compensation, economic issues and end of deal terms, remain unresolved. There is no agreement between the NFL and the players at this time."

More from Smith:

"As you may have heard," (DeMaurice) Smith wrote, "they apparently approved a supplemental revenue sharing proposal.  Obviously, we have not been a part of those discussions."

How could something like this be overlooked? In these good faith negotiations, how could the negotiator for the players not be involved in a discussion of such import like a supplemental revenue proposal?


PFT's Florio's thoughts:

The NFLPA* hasn't been part of those discussions regarding that issue because the NFLPA* showed no interest in that issue.  All along, the elephant in the room was the league's effort to fix revenue disparities by taking money back from the players.  For reasons still unknown, the NFLPA* never pushed that issue.

I would image those discussions happened behind (some hard to find) closed doors, and likely less publicly announced meetings of the owners. I find it hard to believe even De Smith saw the meeting invitation: Supplemental Revenue Sharing Proposal and just decided the players would not be interested in those discussions.

We do not know what the actual proposal offers, that hasn't been something shared to the rest of us just yet. But something tells me it could make the players less likely to sign the new CBA deal. In fact, more breaking news at PFT - the players won't vote tonight due to some "new elements." 

"It appears players won't be voting on ratifying a deal on Thursday night.One major reason: Players feel that the owners are trying to add new elements to a deal.

We will likely start hearing some harsh words and loud proclamations about who is to blame and who did what, when, where, and why. I'm about to go say a few harsh words myself. The deal seemed all but done. I thought there was no way the players could refuse the announced CBA measures...but I hadn't seen the supplemental revenue sharing proposal.

In the days to come we'll probably hear a lot about lawsuits and delays, and very little about actual football. We thought we might have had a deal, but we aren't there yet.

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