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Cowboys Preparing For Camp, Equipment Trucks En Route To San Antonio

According to Mike Doocy from Fox 4 in Dallas, equipment trucks were spotted leaving Valley Ranch for San Antonio yesterday. Clarence Hill from the Star-Telegram confirms the truck sightings and writes that the Cowboys equipment staff will need about four days to get camp set up, which could mean an official training camp start on Thursday, July 28, with players perhaps being asked to report a day earlier for physicals.

Mike Sawaya, the man in charge of the AlamoDome, told Tom Orsborn from the San Antonio Evening News that most of the preparations for Cowboys camp are already done.

"The turf was put in last week for UTSA football practice, and our Alamodome staff is primed and ready to produce the same successful camp as we have done so many times in the past," Sawaya said. "As soon as the lockout is officially over, we expect Cowboys staff to finalize the plans for dates and times for the camp and to release the information to the public."

Training camp is expected to be held in San Antonio from Jul 28-Aug 10, then move back to Dallas for the remainder of the pre-season.

Of course, this is all contingent on the CBA actually being signed today, but according to Saints QB Drew Brees, that looks like a mere formality.

In an email to his teammates (via Brees writes that the deal should be wrapped up today.

"The Deal is almost done. I am flying out to DC tonight to meet with our Executive Committee and De Smith tomorrow. It is expected that we will approve the deal as well as our Board of Reps and Lead Plaintiffs and then have a press conference to announce that sometime during the day on Monday."

In a separate email, again via, Brees provides a suggestion what the timeline for free agency and training camp could look like, but also cautions that he cannot confirm anything at this point:

Free Agency - It now looks like free agency will begin at noon on Tuesday and it will be open free agency. There will be no 3 day grace period for teams to sign their own players. It will be open for anyone to sign anywhere.

Training Camp - It looks like the NFL is trying to force teams into camp on time. This would move us to a report date of Thursday, July 28. We would have physicals, conditioning, and meetings on this day. The day before would be a travel day and the hotel would be open that night for guys to check in as well as physicals but nothing mandatory until Thursday.

[Update: 7:15 AM ET]

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports is reporting early this morning that the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to terms on a new CBA. Glazer hasn't reported on the lockout so far, so his jumping in likely means he's pretty sure about what he's saying.

I said I wouldn't jump in til they agreed... They've FINALLY agreed! Sources say 2 sides this hour FINALLY agree to terms of new CBA. According to terms, timeline sooner than previously reported. Facilities open Tuesday, camp starts Thursday for 10 teams, Friday for 10, weekend for 12.

According to Glazer, team facilities might open even earlier than anticipated, as players begin arriving at team facilities Tuesday to vote to recertify the NFLPA as a union. More details will likely be available from the NFLPA press conference sometime later today.

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