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NFL Lockout 2011 (News): It's Over; Players Unanimously Approve CBA

UPDATE: The players have unanimously approved the CBA according to Albert Breer of NFLN. Hallalujah!

The NFLPA is still having the call to vote on the CBA that was ratified by the owners last week, and once that is done (and they approve), we'll officially have NFL football back! [Note: Players have approved!]

There have been numerous reports of the timeline for activities to begin, Adam Schefter reported that teams could begin making moves on free agents today, but it looks like he was early by a day. The new timeline apparently will shake out like this:

Today (7/25): Teams can go to 90-man roster, free agent list distributed to teams.

Tuesday (7/26): Players can report to the facilities. 10 AM EST teams can sign draft picks and undrafted players - and negotiate with free agents. Trades can be discussed.

Wednesday (7/27): Training camps open on a staggered schedule.

Thursday (7/28): 4:00 PM EST teams can cut players. 

Friday (7/29): Friday at 6 PM EST teams can sign free agents. 

The league year will begin on Aug 4th, that's the date contracts and deals can become official. That's also the date when the players are expected to have already re-certified their union.

Schefter is reporting the NFL will hold conference calls with GMs at 3 PM today, and with coaches at 5 PM today.

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