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Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agent Signings

New, comments is always a great source for UDFA signings. These things aren't official yet, so be aware they could change or be incorrect. But, so far, they have the Cowboys listed as going to sign the following players:

Cowboys (updated as the names come in)
1. Mario Butler (CB, Georgia Tech)
2. Kevin Kowalski (OC, Toledo)
3. Chris Randle (CB, Utah State)
4. Jose Acuna (OL, Nevada)
5. Lyle Leong (WR, Texas Tech)
6. Dan Bailey (K, Oklahoma State)
7. Justin Taplin-Ross (S, Utah)
8. Laupepa Letuli (RT, Hawaii)
9. Chris Jones (P, Carson Newman)
10. Zack Eskridge (QB, Midwestern State)
11. Alex Albright (LB, Boston College)
12. Raymond Radway (WR, Abilene Christian)
13. Kennan Mace (DE, Lindenwood)
14. Lamark Armour (DE, Ole Miss)
15. William Bradford (NT, Northeastern Oklahoma)
16. Phillip Tanner (RB, Middle Tennessee)
17. Orie Lemon (LB, Oklahoma State)
18. Corey Adams (LS, Kansas State)
19. Matangi Tonga (DE/DT Houston)
20. Collin Zych (S, Harvard)