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Cowboys Magazine: BTB/Maple Street Press Cowboys Preview Magazine On Sale

Msp_cover_2011_medium Hey BTB Community,

As promised the Maple Street Press Cowboys Annual is now ready for pre-orders online. This year, because of the lockout, we cut the size of the magazine down to 112 pages, but, we also cut the price. This year's edition is only $9.99. The magazine is full-color with tons of photos. We have articles breaking down last year's team and statistics and projecting what those could mean for this year, we also look at the draft class and cover all the changes around the coaching staff. There's also a full roster breakdown and a scouting report on all the opponents the Cowboys will line up against this year. There's plenty of other stuff in there, too.

So, you might be thinking about waiting to pick it up in a supermarket or bookstore, but we recommend you go ahead and pre-order one now at this link. Don't delay, do it today!

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