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Leonard Davis, Kris Brown Cowboys' First Cap Casualties

In a report from Calvin Watkins and Todd Archer, an unnamed source reports that Cowboys' right guard Leonard Davis has been cut. As OCC reported earlier today, Jerry Jones invited several players to Valley Ranch this morning to inform them that they shouldn't bother to pack their bags for training camp. Marc Columbo reportedly met with Jones, but has thus far escaped the axe (although I'd be wiling to be he's a goner as soon as Dallas signs Doug Free). Apparently, Davis was not so lucky.

Technically, Davis may be less a cap casualty than a necessary cut as Jason Garrett works to mold the team in his image. Last year, Davis was routinely beaten by quicker tackles, particularly in the first half of the season. It got to be such a problem, you'll recall that he was replaced by Montrae Holland in the game against Tennessee. Scouts have noted that Davis, among other problems, no longer "fired out" on the snap; rather, his first move was usually up, so that he was offering his body to opposing defensive tackles.

Now, questions abound about the Cowboys' offensive line, where only Andre Gurode and rookie Tyron Smith can be safely penciled in as starters. It should be interesting...

Also: the Cowboys have kicked Kris Brown to the curb, a move prompted by their apparent signing of UDFA kicker Dan Bailey. Brown was a considerably more expensive option, slated to make almost a million dollar in 2011.

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