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Cowboys Shopping For Safeties, Abram Elam At Top Of List

The worst kept secret in the whole NFL is that the Cowboys need help at safety. As is wont to happen in Dallas, all the biggest free agent safety "names" like Michael Huff, Eric Weddle or Quintin Mikell were regularly linked to Dallas.

But ever since new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan joined the Cowboys from Cleveland, Browns safety Abram Elam has quietly entered the discussion as an option to fix the Cowboys' safety needs, particularly as he's already comfortable in Ryan's scheme.

Turns out that Elam is indeed at the top of the Cowboys' wish list for help at the safety position. According to the Star-Telegram's Clarence Hill, the Cowboys jumped at the opportunity to talk to Elam as soon as they were allowed to by the NFL.

On the safety front, Abe Elam is the first safety the Cowboys called at 10 am this morning..they like him more than Mike Huff.

Matt Mosley from Foxsportssouthwest has a similar take on Elam:

I think Abe Elam could be a Cowboy as early as Friday. Rob Ryan loves him and Cows know him well. I’m no longer driving the Huff bus.

Obviously, the Cowboys won't be allowed to sign any free agent before 6:00 pm ET on Friday, but they are allowed to start negotiations. It's not clear whether the Browns are interested in retaining Elam, but Elam himself might be interested in playing for his former DC in a system he's familiar with.

Elam will likely be available at an affordable price tag, will be critical in getting the defense jump-started on Ryan's complex schemes, and could be a valuable veteran presence to help groom the Cowboys stable of young safety prospects.

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