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Cowboys Had A Good First Day, So What's Happening Today?

Dan Graziano from ESPN's NFC East blog summarizes the Cowboys' first day of free agency nicely when he says that "Dallas had a good first day." Graziano cites judicious roster cuts that helped create cap space and locking up Doug Free as the main reasons for that assessment.

But all of that is so, like, yesterday. So what's on the agenda today?

For starters, the Cowboys start camp in San Antonio today, with walkthroughs scheduled for 10-11 a.m. and contact practices from 2:30-5:30 p.m. Only the afternoon practices will be open to the public. The first three afternoon practices will be without pads as per new league rules.

Later in the day at 3:00 p.m. Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett will hold a press conference that you'll be able to watch live on the mothership.

And then of course there's still a lot of unfinished free agency business to look forward to today.

After re-signing Doug Free, the second highest priorities for the Cowboys are re-signing Stephen Bowen and Kyle Kosier. Calvin Watkins from writes that the Kosier's agent has opened talks with the team about a new deal, but also with other teams. Arguably, now that Leonard Davis has been released, and with the importance of Kosier for the line, Kosier is more valuable to the Cowboys than to any other team, and his agent will likely try to cash in on this. The Cowboys of course know this as well and will use the fact that he is less valuable to other teams to try to drive his price down.

Stephen Bowen changed agents a few weeks back and hired Pat Dye, who recently formed a partnership with Jimmy Sexton as SportstTust Advisors. Among their Cowboys clients: DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten, Doug Free, Bradie James, Keith Brooking, DeMarco Murray, Clifton Geathers, Marcus Spears and Marc Colombo. This makes for an interesting situation where the agents must be part of the solution: if they want their client to get paid, they'll need to help find the money for that paycheck, either through the release of some of their clients or by restructuring the deals of of some of their other Cowboys clients.

Bowen's signing is likely just a matter of negotiation, as the Cowboys want him back and Bowen wants back as well:

"I know Dallas wants me and I'd love to be back," Bowen said. "I don't know what's happening and hopefully I'll be back."

Outside of their own roster, we reported yesterday that the Cowboys have Browns safety Abram Elam high on their wish list. This matter might have just gotten a little more urgent as the race for another safety, Eric Weddle, is heating up. There were reports out last night that the Jaguars had signed him, but reports that Weddle hasn't signed anywhere yet.

Rick Gosselin from the DMN threw Davin Joseph's name into the ring yesterday. The Tampa Bay guard is 28 years old and would be a great addition according to Gosselin. Bill Barnwell of ESPN offshoot Grantland agrees:

Davin Joseph has gone underappreciated by virtue of suiting up for the small-market Buccaneers; when he's been healthy, he has been one of the best guards in football. He's been bothered by repeated foot injuries, but a proactive medical staff like the unit in Dallas or Minnesota should be able to keep him on the field. Having already made it to the Pro Bowl in 2008, Joseph should make a return trip at least once during his next contract.

Todd Archer reports that the DE Cullen Jenkins is also on the Cowboys' radar. While Jenkins has the stats and the experience in a 3-4 to make him an ideal candidate for the Cowboys defensive line, he's also 30 years old. And to make matters worse, there appears to be a mutual interest between Jenkins and the Redskins. Given how much the Redskins paid for the GiantsBarry Cofield yesterday, they'd likely overpay for Jenkins as well.

The Cowboys are much more likely to be in the market for some of the lesser known defensive ends like Ray McDonald (SF), Shaun Smith (KC) or Tony McDaniel (MIA). After all, when was the last time the Cowboys signed a big-name free agent that actually worked out?

It may be time to get familiar with some of the lesser known free agents out there.

Also, as the day progresses, be on the lookout for the players cut yesterday to be linked to new teams. Adam Shefter tweeted late last night that the Dolphins are interested in Marion Barber, and even Roy Williams is likely to find a new home somewhere.

It may be another busy day here in Cowboys Country.

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