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Are Cowboys Letting Market Settle Before Going After A Safety?

The Ravens' Dawan Landry could be on the Cowboys shopping list at safety.
The Ravens' Dawan Landry could be on the Cowboys shopping list at safety.

In a blinding flash of the obvious, Stephen Jones said yesterday in San Antonio that the Cowboys are in the market for safety help:

"Obviously we'd like to improve that position if we can, and it's one of our priorities and it's obviously something we're working on," Stephen Jones said. "We'll see whether that's one or two. I don't know the answer to that. It could be three;

That should not come as a surprise to anyone. What may have come as a little more of a surprise is this little tweet from Ian Fitzsimmons, Co-host of GAC on ESPN Radio:

Just talked to a reliable source that said the Cowboys were NOT involved in trying to get Eric Weddle and they will not pursue Michael Huff.

Looks like the Cowboys are willing to let the market settle before going after veteran safeties.

And given the early contracts handed out to safeties, that seems like a wise choice. Eric Weddle got $8 million per year from the Chargers and Quintin Mikell got $7 million per year from the Rams, and it feels like both teams overpaid. The best bet for the Cowboys still appears to be Abram Elam, but the Cowboys may wait a while longer for prices to go down further before making their choice. And there is no shortage of good safeties still available, as this nifty free agent tracker shows.

There is value later in free agency. The Cowboys will get their safety. Or two.

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