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Bears Interested In Cowboys DE Stephen Bowen

A report in the Chicago Sun-Times indicates the Bears have taken an interest in Cowboys free agent Stephen Bowen. The article claims that

... multiple league sources say Bowen could "surprise" the general public with his eventual contract. That's because Bowen is a young player who is versatile and could just be reaching his prime.

The article goes on to say that while Bowen would prefer to stay in Dallas, the Cowboys don't have a lot of cap space, while the Bears have some of the most money to spend. Also, with a need to sign at least two defensive ends, there will be a limit to how far the Cowboys are willing to invest in the position.

For Cowboys fans it doesn't come as a surprise that Bowen is generating interest from other teams. But for those of us hoping that Bowen would somehow fly under the radar in free agency and end up back with the Cowboys on the cheap, well, he ain't.

Then again, this might just be a PR ploy to drive Bowen's price up. Who really knows? The 49ers signed their backup DE and four-year veteran Ray McDonald to a five-year deal worth $20 million, with $7 million guaranteed and expect him to start as the left defensive end. Bowen could be looking for a figure north of that. Buckle up, Jerry, the ride just got a little bumpier.

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