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Jason Garrett Press Conference: Wishing The Vets Well; Third WR?

A quick re-cap of some press Q&A with Jason Garrett just a few moments ago. We'll go back and get the rest later today. (We'll have a Nnamdi overflow thread up in just a bit).

Very Rough Paraphrase of JG below:

Releasing Vets?

Emotional day when you have to release vets who made contributions to your team. Marion Barber was a good player for us, he made contributions, he was a passionate player; you can say the same about Colombo, or Leonard Davis, Roy Williams, all were pros, all have handled adversity, we appreciated them. But we had to move on, we had to make some hard decisions, but we wanted to give younger guys an opportunity

On Roy:

We wish Roy well, he was a contributor, he caught a lot of touchdowns for us, he was very good in the red area, but we have other players on offense. We have a great TE, pro bowl WR's that played opposite Roy, we need to get the running game going, there's only one football in a game. Saw he is in Chicago and we wish him well.

On Felix:

Felix got more touches last year, his first few years in the league he was a great contributor but battled injury, he handled it well. He's understanding what it takes to be a starting RB, the pounding you take, he's getting his body right. He was effective as a runner and a receiver last year, and he should get more touches this year.

DeMarco Murray injury:

Murray has a hamstring tweak, he'll be out for a few days, should be able to go within a week.

What about 3rd WR now?

Excited to give guys opportunities who have been on the team and some guys we brought in this year. Guys like Kevin Ogletree, and draft pick Dwayne Harris, we have some other guys, too. They will get an opportunity now that Roy is gone. We hope they take advantage of it.

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