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Cowboys Re-sign Marcus Spears: 5 Years, 19.5 Million

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Cowboys have agreed to terms with Marcus Spears on a 5-year, 19.5 million dollar deal. This is a bit of a surprise move, not only because it comes in the middle of all the hubbub over the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes, but because it was thought that the Cowboys had soured on Spears, as evidenced by the fact that they offered him the lowest tender of the three defensive ends (including Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher) who become free agents this offseason.

One reason he was tendered so low? Spears missed the last two months of the 2010 Campaign with a torn calf muscle.

During the offseason, the Cowboys had indicated that they wanted to resign at least one of their own D-ends, but Spears was thought to be the last on their list. However, with Bowen signing in Washington and Hatcher on a visit to Denver, Spears--the guy who many pundits thought would command the most money of the three, in spite of Dallas' low tender--was the last man standing. Sure enough, his name began to surface as a possibility in the past 24 hours or so. With the signing, the former 2005 first rounder will extend his Dallas tenure a bit longer.

During his career, Spears has always been a good soldier and teammate who works hard and keeps his nose to the grindstone. Moreover, he's stout against the run. The problem with his game--and undoubtedly why his play has irked fans--is that he's never been a particularly scintillating pass rusher, and it's sacks that capture our attention (and the big free agent money). Now Dallas' new defensive line coach, Brian Baker, who has been know to chew out a few backsides, will have his opportunity to hone Spears' pass rush skills.

More to follow as the story unfolds...

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