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Closing The Book On Nnamdi Asomugha And The Dallas Cowboys

Psyche! It was me who signed as a free agent, not Nnamdi.
Psyche! It was me who signed as a free agent, not Nnamdi.

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OK, let's really think about this. Waking up this morning, most of us weren't really thinking about Nnamdi Asomugha playing for the Dallas Cowboys. We were moving ahead with our own thing, signing Doug Free, signing Kyle Kosier, unfortunately losing Stephen Bowen, but things were moving ahead. We were starting practices in training camp, we were addressing our salary cap issues. And mostly we were wondering about safeties and defensive ends in the free agent market.

Suddenly, reports from trusted sources had the Cowboys smack dab in the middle of the Nnamdi sweepstakes. For roughly seven hours of time, we were on pins and needles wondering if we were actually going to get him. The NFLN was a constant loop of the Jets and Cowboys in a showdown for his services. So we all bought in, and let our imaginations wonder about the possibilities. But, in the end, he went to our rival, and conflicting reports emerged, with some saying the Cowboys weren't even major players in the contest. It could have all been smoke and mirrors.

I guess my point is, go back to this morning, before the Nnamdi madness, and remember how things were going, and how you felt about the team. If you were like me, you were optimistic. Signing Free and Kosier was major. Getting the draft picks signed and practicing was exciting. Jason Garrett was instituting his new policies as the real head coach, and Rob Ryan was already blitzing corners.

So spit out this Nnamdi mess, and worry about it again when we play the Eagles. Otherwise, we'll turn back to what the Cowboys were doing, and what they're planning to do. We got Marcus Spears re-signed, which helps to alleviate the problems at defensive end. He may not have been the first choice, but at least what know what we're getting. I'm sure more moves are coming.

Nnamdi is not here, but the rest of the team is. Let's go Cowboys in 2011.

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