Training Camp Observations: Day 2

Early, Often and Everywhere.

These are the three words that best describe Rob Ryan’s blitzes. During team drills he's getting his guys ready for what will be a very exciting season. He is wasting no time at all putting in his blitz schemes and they come very often. Everywhere you ask?, yes they come from everywhere. Throw out what you think a defense is and start rewriting the book. I saw blitzes come from everywhere on the field, from the inside linebackers to the two corners coming free in a footrace to the QB.

At one point had to wipe my eyes then check to see if I lost my mind. Ware was down in the nose tackle position with Rat standing behind him waiting to blitz. Talk about a WTF moment for a QB. Today I saw a different mindset with the corners. Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick and Thomas played aggressive ball. They got burned some but also made some great plays. For those wanting to count out the old man of the team Keith Brooking, put your brakes on.

My job allowed me to see the morning session where he played lights out with a couple of picks and he played great in the full afternoon practice. Looks like he injured his hamstring when getting a pick six at the end of practice but I can tell you, Ryan is putting him in position to make plays. James and Lee also looked great back there making plays. You can also tell that Ryan is turning Ware loose to wreak havoc. Ware was all over making plays. Rat is batting balls like a volleyball player and Lissyyyy’s namesake is showing he may be our next great UDFA pickup.

It was definitely a day for the defense but Romo still looked good today. He is playing behind a makeshift Oline but they are showing some sparks out there. Ware continued his education of Tyron Smith but also decided to pick on Young on the other side a little also. Both got burned some but both also got their licks in too. Young is another guy everyone needs to watch. He was mentored by Chris Carter from an early age and he is every bit a Garrett RKG.

Austin and Dez continue to look like two great starting receivers and the Tree is making a strong case why he will be number 3. The rest of the guys had some great plays but did drop some passes today. Teddy Williams is still struggling. I really love what I see from Leong and Radway, these two kids may be UDFA’s but they play like 3rd or 4th round draft picks. As I said, this is a good old fight with the receivers for the 53 man roster and I have a feeling there will not be a huge difference when all is said and done between the #3 receiver and the last receiver on the practice squad. Unless something great just falls in Jones’s lap, do not look for a FA receiver to be picked up, there is no need. I also am loving the interaction with Coach Robinson and Dez. Those two are having fun and loving it.

The last thing tonight I want to touch on is coaching. Garrett and Ryan are a match made in heaven. They run a fast paced practice that mixes drills that drive in technique, timing and teach skills on both sides of the ball. They also use a lot of stretching and conditioning while getting everyone executing plays. There was a lot of thought put into practice and the setup. As a whole it is almost like "Circuit Training" which is a fast way to get guys in shape and hits every aspect of technique, timing and execution. The off-season work that Romo led is really paying off. I am not seeing a lot of missed assignments and people out of place. This is a surprise for this early in camp even if we had had a regular off-season.

Will be back in a little bit to answer any questions I can. For right now I need some dinner and a few drinks. If there is anything someone wants me to look at in practice, please let me know.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.