My Shoutout to the Fanpost Writers

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize some of the fanpost writers and call them out to keep it up and step it up. We are going to have a season and we will need to turn to BTB for real analysis of what is going on with the Cowboys. Now I am not going to single out the front page writers. They are some of the best out there. I would put them up against any writer in the sports world for Cowboy analysis and news. I also want to give a shout out to JimmyK from Bleeding Green Nation for some great work and being involved with the blogs in the NFC East. Now for those folks I am recognizing and calling out to step it up.

ChiaCrack: Who does not love his work? He takes modern movies and realy brings us all together behind his stories and the players o our team. He is passionate and gives us reason to believe in our team.

5Blings: This is someone who will challenge us to think. Do not ever think he is not a Cowboys fan, but he will challenge each and everyone of us to think out our beliefs and thoughts. Plus he looks great in a floral print miniskirt, it brings out the color of his eyes. (You know I could not go without a poke at you)

I am Ironman!!!: He is the person who makes us want to believe in this team. I have not sounded off on his posts as much as I should. But damn, does he gives me hope.

Pineywoods: This is a someone who is laying it all out there and talking about his thoughts. A big time emerging writer that I love.

BlueNSilverBlood: Another emerging writer. Love him for his thought and openness. Keep it up bud.

TheCowboyWay: Mad ass and bad ass math and analytics. Do not ever stop, just push it further. Thank you for all you contribute.

Kegbearer: You are a legend and this site would not be the same if you were not here.

And my final shout out. To everyone who post comments and many others who are now putting up fan posts.

Ps. Bigham if you call this a fanshot we will go around. And a shoutout to you.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.