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BTB's Fantasy Football Leagues Update

Everyone should have received their invitations via email, if I had it. We're going with three leagues this year, due to the overwhelming popularity. I will need someone to act as the commissioner for leagues 2 and 3, 'Reloaded' and 'Revolutions'. If you've run a league before, and are interested in the responsibility, please email me at You'll know which league you are in via the invitation email, the instructions are there as well.

I did not have emails in the original thread from three people that signed up: Magic., thebigham and LilZtretch. Please reply in the comments so I can have the email sent to you from the league you were placed in.

[UPDATE] I'll create a fourth league. There are currently six open spots remaining. First come, first serve.[/UPDATE]


There is one lopsided league, so I am considering trimming the roster sizes so that the 'talent' isn't spread too thin. 14 team leagues often will have you swapping the bottom of the roster like crazy. I'll decide soon.

The leagues are all going to draft simultaneously on Yahoo! Sports, August 25th, 930pm eastern. It is a live draft, I cannot stress how important it is to show up for the draft to have a successful season. It keeps the draft moving when everyone is making their picks, and making jokes about the guys that draft Eagles and Giants players!

Enjoy the leagues, we're happy you've decided to join us on your way to fantasy football glory.

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