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Vegas Puts Over/Under For 2011 Cowboys At Nine Wins

Online Sportsbook have recently released their over/under for the 2011 regular season win totals for every NFL team and they've put the over/under for the Cowboys at nine wins this year.

We know of course that Vegas’ favorite team is cash. If they over- or undervalue a team they lose money, and with these over/unders, the sportsbooks are really just trying to play against the bettors. They want the betting to be even and essentially pick what they think betters are going to bet.

Regardless of that though, would you be inclined to take the over or the under on those nine wins? After the break, we look at how Bodog sees the Eagles, Giants and Redskins as well as the rest of the NFC play out this year.

In the NFC East, Vegas like the Eagles to take the division, and the Giants narrowly edge out the Cowboys for second place in the division. Vegas disagrees with Rex Grossman, who said the Redskins will win the NFC East.

The table below also shows that the Cowboys narrowly miss out on the playoffs in this scenario, as the Saints and the Giants take the two NFC wild card spots.

NFC East O/U Wins
NFC North O/U Wins
NFC South O/U Wins
NFC West O/U Wins
Philadelphia 10.5 Green Bay 11.5 Atlanta 10.5 San Francisco 7.5
New York 9.5 Chicago 8.5 New Orleans 10.0 St. Louis 7.5
Dallas 9.0 Detroit 7.5 Tampa Bay 8.0 Arizona 6.5
Washington 6.5 Minnesota 7.0 Carolina 4.5 Seattle 6.5

Of course, all of that is contingent on whether or not you give these numbers any credence. Personally, I am a tad more optimistic. We play the Redskins and Giants twice, so that's already four wins in the books. Plus we obviously sweep the Eagles so that's already six wins right there. And naturally, we start the season with a 4-0 record. I'm taking the over.

A lot can still happen with these odds. Keep in mind that Vegas is intent on making sure they don't over- or undervalue a team and thereby lose money. And if the action on the bet gets lopsided in either direction, they'll adjust the odds pretty quickly.

Are you taking the over or under on nine wins for the Cowboys in 2011?

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