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Tony Romo On Last Season And The One Coming Up

Tony Romo did an interview with 105.3 in Dallas, where he discussed last year, and what he expects for this year. He also commented a little on Jason Garrett's coaching style. We've had a lot of discussion about how Romo could have benefited during his time on the bench after he was injured, mainly focused around watching Jon Kitna and how he ran the team. Turns out Romo thinks he did benefit during his injury break, but it wasn't necessarily from watching Kitna. It was another source that taught him a few things.

Was it just frustrating as heck sitting on the sidelines with the broken collarbone last season?

"Oh absolutely. I think at least from my perspective it’s not an enjoyable experience. However after you get over the crappiness of the first couple of weeks of it now you have to figure out a way to learn and figure out a way to get better from it. How can I use this as a tool for me to be a better player when I come back? So I got the headset and started listening to the offense and defense and the coaches and how they attack. The schematic part of the stuff you know as a player, but now lets dig into what the coaches are trying to do and what they are trying to attack and things of that nature and I think I learned a lot in that respect. Hopefully it’ll allow me to take another level as a player."


So all those photos we saw of Romo with the headset on weren't just for show, the QB was actually doing some learning.

Here's Romo on Jason Garrett:

Does this team feel different under Jason Garrett?

"Well I am not into comparing because I have been under three head coaches I wanna say now. Each one has their own set of things they believe in. Each one has been proven right in a different manner, so there’s no right or wrong. There’s also no…a lot of stuff feels the same and then there are other parts that this coach is sprinkling in this. These practices are longer than Wade’s [Phillips], however Wade had two-a-days. He had more chances to do those things. There are some things that are a little different. I think Jason will stand up and talk in front of the team a little bit here and there about certain things that he believes in a little more. There’s different approaches, but each coach has his own niche."

On a different note, are you guys ready for some preseason football? I am! We'll have open threads going tonight for the Broncos game.

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