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21 Things I Think I’m Thinking About Dallas Cowboys Type Things

Read the post, too.
Read the post, too.

Random scattered thoughts that have crossed my mind over the last couple of days, as camp reports have slowed down since the teams' return to Arlington. Obviously, there is plenty of time for evidence to change my opinion, but I get to do the happy happy joy joy dance if any of them actually come to fruition. It's a win-win for me, I like those odds.

-- I think the Cowboys have a legitimate shot of winning 11 games this season. In fact, when looking at the schedule, I see a chance for a seven game winning streak through the middle of the season. Any guesses which games?

-- Dwayne Harris reminds me of a more solid Santana Moss. That's a good thing. Of course, I'm an eternal optimist during the preseason and he reminds others of Wane McGarity. That's a bad thing.

-- You want to know how to manage the new kickoff rules? Kick it so high that it lands at the 1 yard line and have everyone down there to tackle. I don't know jack about kicking, but that's possible, right?

-- Everyone seems to be getting complimented by the coaches when asked about them. I wonder which of those kudos are ones in which the coaches are just trying to drive up a players value... for trade or just out of good will for a soon to be parolee.

-- I know it's a staple of the Jason Garrett offense, but I don't have much confidence in either of the fullbacks on the roster. I think they may be good enough, but when I broke down that Felix Jones run and saw that a better block from Gronk would have been one of Felix's famous 60 yard TDs. You want to know another reason Felix had a down year? Cricket Anderson > rookie Chris Gronkowski. Let's see what the position does in 2011, but John Phillips may get more snaps then either of these guys.


-- Can someone explain to me why Eagles fans are so obsessed with the Cowboys? They consistently make fun of an owner that's won 3 championships in 22 years, when their owner has won 0 in 17.  And by the way, you now have the longest tenured coach in the NFL and he has never won a Super Bowl either. Watch out fellas, I heard reality is smacking people lately.

-- Don't you find it funny how when you mention that the Eagles have never won a championship, how an Eagles fan acts like they won the argument because you had to ‘resort' to this? In the immortal words of Jason Segal from the 2011 comedy 'Bad Teacher'... "It's the only argument I need Shawn!"  Now they're doing the whole ‘Oh the national media can't stop talking about us!' routine. Don't you just want to pinch the baby's cheeks? They're so cute.

-- For some reason, DeMarco Murray and Bruce Carter are trending in different directions for me. I actually liked the Carter pick better, but I keep having this growing urge to see a Felix type in the game on every possession, and sometimes two at a time.

-- I think Jason Witten's production is coming down this season. While writing a previous story, research showed where his numbers were when Dallas had TO and Terry Glenn on the outside. Now it's Miles and Dez. I'd be surprised if he made it to 80 catches this year.

-- I still don't see how Martellus Bennett gets more than 2-3 targets a game in this offense.

-- I wish someone would ask Jerry Jones in an interview what the team's philosophy for kicker is at the moment.  Speaking of mythical Jerry Jones interview questions I can't fathom the local media not asking...

-- Why didn't he renegotiate deals or outright release big contract players during the Great Salary Purge of 2010? How do you have an uncapped year and be in dead money hell two years later?

-- Is it really possible that Costa earns the starting center job in 2011? For those of us that are lukewarm or worse on Gurode, it is exciting to see the kid's progress. Maybe he gets the starting LG spot like O.C.C. supposed... Did I mention he's from Maryland? Go Terps!

-- Igor Olshansky probably is playing for his Cowboys career Sunday night against his old club, the San Diego Chargers.

-- Not saying that he doesn't deserve it, he obviously does, but if Larry Allen gets in the ROH the same year as Drew Pearson, Jerry Jones wants someone from his watch included.

-- All of the mainstream writers have taken the escalation of Kenyon Coleman to the first team as a sign that he will be the starter instead of Igor. However, I still think that Jason Hatcher is the man that will get the most d-line reps after Ratliff and Spears.

-- I need to see more from Sean Lee. It was only one preseason game, and he was around the ball a lot, but his tackling technique scared me a little bit. As I said in a previous article. Second-round picks that supposedly have first round talent must be big contributors in year 2.

-- Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are the best 1-2 punch at receiver in the league, threat wise. Barring injury, I have a feeling it will be stat wise as well by week 17.

-- Orlando Scandrick and Alan Ball are a lot better than people think at cornerback. No, you didn't misread that, I said Alan Ball.

-- I keep reading Tashard Choice's tweets and just have a feeling he is going to run amok when he gets back on the field later this week.

-- I'm taking applications for my new pet cat. Before we got going in training camp, I was a Teddy Williams fan. D'oh! Don't worry, OCC's pet cats are dropping like flies too.  So my nominees for the rest of camp are Dwayne Harris (obviously), Phillip Tanner, and Orie Lemon.... And the winner is, Phillip Tanner!

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