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It's Getting Very Hard Not To Like What Garrett Is Doing With The Cowboys

I am finding it more and more difficult not to like what Garrett is doing with the Cowboys.

When he was initially announced as the interim head coach, what I liked most about Garrett was simply his "Non-Wadeness". But then he went on and managed a 5-3 record. Okay, that wasn't exactly earth shattering, but still a lot better than the 1-7 record before.

I fell hard for his organizational mantras like The Cowboy Way or The Right Kind of Guy. I learned to like the draft picks. More recently, all the little things Garrett is doing to effect a cultural change have resonated strongly with me. There's no question that it's my job as a fan to like all these things, but even when I step back and take a slightly more critical view, it's hard not to like what I see.

Obviously, the real test will come in the form of the Cowboys W/L record, but the funny thing is that Garrett probably has a higher approval rating among Cowboys fans right now as the Cowboys head coach than he ever had as the offensive coordinator.

So what about you? Have you also become a Garrett apologist, a Garrett "Yes Man", a sycophant even? And if so, why?

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