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Urgent Update For BTB 'Fear The Star' Fantasy League GMs

Okay folks, we have our drafts scheduled for 9:30 PM ET next Thursday. Draft date/time is the same for all of the leagues. We have a couple items of unfinished business, so if you are in one of the leagues, follow the jump for the scoop.

We still have a handful of members in some of the leagues that haven't checked in. I think they've all had plenty of time to do so, but I'll give them some more time to respond. Friday midnight deadline folks.  We are on the verge of combining the last two leagues, to ensure everyone has a fun and fair season. Please check into this thread with your email if you still plan to take part in the league BUT HAVE NOT CREATED A TEAM YET.

In the Revelations league, I have two people signed in with hidden emails- so I don't know who you are. I've sent you an email from the league, I need you to at least provide me with your BTB name and email address to Team Damage Inc and Team Therapists, I've sent you an email.

The Animatrix league will most likely be closed and invitations to the six members that have signed in will go out to fill up the other three leagues. Creasy729, Jeremiah_24, iCoach, Crowboy, hatchetman, bonedweezil... all of your spots are safe.


Second order of business- it looks like I'll be removing the IR position from all the leagues. If anyone has an argument to keep it, bring it forward in the comments section.

That's about it, see everyone in the drafts next Thursday and thanks for your participation.

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