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BTB Business: Training Camp And The Cowboys Magazine

I wanted to update you guys quickly on a couple of items. One, I'll be attending training camp Thursday through Sunday of this week and reporting back to everybody on the practices. This was made possible by donations from you guys; I'm eternally grateful. Thanks to one reader who pitched-in a very generous amount, and a group of others who made contributions that I'm very thankful for, I'll be heading to San Antonio.

I'm still footing some of the bill for the trip, so if you feel like contributing to help me knock down some of the expenses, please do so. Here is the link again and it's also available on the left-hand column of the front page.

Also, the Maple Street Press Cowboys Annual is on sale. We've been running some excerpts from the magazine on the blog recently, hopefully that's been enough to make you want to jump on the ordering page and get yourself a copy. We put a lot of hard work into that magazine while the lockout was going on, we're proud of the results. We're sure you will enjoy reading through 112 pages of Cowboys articles and viewing all the full-color pictures.

Order today!

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