Igor Olshansky play by plays

To the naked eye it seems Olshansky is having a terrible preseason, I have wondered out loud if he has quit this team already.

  • Run right, right at Olshansky, Olshansky engages tackle and makes the tackle with Spencer, 4 yard gain, not bad.
  • Drop back pass, Chargers fake a trap with pulling guard, Olshansky reads trap and steps up to meet guard as DE are taught to do, Olshansky misreads play.
  • Run right, Guard and tackle double Olshansky who is already lined up a yard off the ball. Gives two yards to the double team, splits double team and follows play down the line,
  • Run right, doubled by guard and tackle, Olshansky is blown of the ball badly, driven eight yards and dumped to the ground. This is the visual I had when I decided to write this post, this is really embarrassing.
  • Nickel, Olshansky out
  • Quick pass to flat, Olshansky is not blocked at the line, running back takes his legs out as he rushes the QB.
  • Quick pass to RB, Olshansky gets up the field in full pass rush mode, but he's just not a pass rusher and it shows as he never is really a threat.
  • Passing TD, Olshansky beats the RT but he just does not have the burst or speed to be a threat in the pass game.
  • Run left, away from Olshansky, he and right tackle lock up, never a part of play,
  • Screen Pass, Olshansky's first bull rush, hook, line, and sinker he falls for the screen.
  • Nickel, Olshansky out.
  • Pass play, Olshansky moves slowly down the line inside taking the tackle with him, corner blitz, Olshansky opens hole for corner.
  • Pass, Olshansky over center, guard and center handle him rather easily.
  • Pass right, Olshansky handled by RT, no threat.
  • Nickel, Olshansky out.
  • Sensi Int, Olshansky shucks the guard and engages the tackle. He is really slow to make the shuck.
  • Passing situation, pass, Olshansky is stoned at the line by double team.
  • 4th and 1, run right at Olshansky, doubled by guard and tackle, does not give an inch, he is a stump! And the back simply runs around him.
  • Pass play, beats the guard, and then engages the tackle. He looks so very slow.
  • Olshansky sits out for two plays,
  • Run play, Olshansky gets doubled and gives no ground,
  • Run play off right tackle, Olshansky engages the guard, slips the block and makes the tackle, still very slow and back runs for 4 or 5 yards,
  • Pass play, Olshansky engages guard and is no threat.


It's never as bad as it first seems, no player is ever as bad as the ship is sinking crowd or as good as our ship is going to the moon crowd would have you believe.

This review is a little unfair, the Chargers kept passing the ball and Olshansky is a really bad pass rusher, on pass rushes he gets no penetration and if he does beat a guy he is so slow the QB just throws the ball before he gets there.

Olshansky is slow to get off the ball, slow to get to where he is going. He did seem to get a lot of double teams and did well on most of them from the stand point he did not get blown off the ball.

Solution - move this sucker to nose.

On a side note - there was a series of plays and I thought wow, Olshansky is really bringing the game now, where did all this energy come from? It was Lissemore.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.