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BTB Fear The Star Fantasy Drafts Tonight - Two Leagues Need Commissioners

Ok folks, late last night I sent out invitations for the last remaining spots in the leagues. If you replied to the last post, check your email you might still have a shot. I need to turn over the commissioner duties to someone in each of the last two leagues. This HAS to be done, as in, draft will be postponed until a commissioner volunteers. It's a very simple job, you only need to do two things before the draft and have one job during the season.

Follow the jump to see what those responsibilities are.

I need a volunteer from each of the leagues 'Revolutions' and 'Animatrix'. Again, the drafts will be postponed if I don't have someone step up. See the chart at the bottom of the post with your team names to see which league you are in (if you're too lazy to log into the league that is :) )

Once you are chosen, I will turn the commissioner controls over to you and delete the 'Commissioner' team. On the maroon colored tab bar within the window, you will now have a new tab labeled 'COMMISH TOOLS'. Click it.

There are really only two steps that need to be taken.

First step, is to go under Commissioner Tools < Draft Management < Finalize Team List.

Select the Lock In Teams option. You'll then need to set the draft order. On the Commish Tools screen again, Commissioner Tools < Draft Management < Edit Draft Order & Assign Keeper Players.

Set the option to "Randomize Now" and submit, and then you'll be good to go for the draft. That's it.

During the season, the only thing you'll need to do is shoot me an email when there is a dispute that can't be handled by the veto process.


Here are the team names, please volunteer quickly so I can go back to strategizing for the league I'm in :).

Golden Flashes ANI1MALMOTHER
Olivia's Daddy BEAST Mode[ON]off
Not Dead Yet Busters
The Dynamic Duo Ballz Deep
The Right Kind Therapists
Razzle Dazzle Team D.O.C
felixxx pwns Motherwell Manstars
El Diablo Vaquero 2 Staubachfan
Show Me Your TD's Damage Inc.
Chuck Norris Ware Wolves
Say Queensbridge Pros vs. conVICKS
strobman's team --- COMMISH SLOT

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