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Cowboys Not Done In Free Agency?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was a guest on Galloway and Company on ESPN Radio 103.3 yesterday. Towards the end of the 20-minute segment, Jones was asked whether the Cowboys were done in free agency.

'"No we're not," Jerry Jones said. "We still potentially have some things we want to do. But we are pleased with Hatcher and those guys that we've got coming in."

A look at the training camp reports so far could be one indication of what those 'potential things' could be. Montrae Holland has not yet wowed anybody at right guard, and while David Arkin seems to have potential to start at that position at some point, that point is unlikely to be in 2011.

Terence Newman's groin injury has depleted an already thin cornerback roster, might this be an area for further free agency activity? Also, as positive as the reports have been on Kevin Ogletree so far, many fans would feel much more comfortable with a veteran as the third receiver. Will the Cowboys get active in the next couple of days, perhaps even with a trade or two, or will they wait for the final roster cuts to shore up some positions with a few veterans?

To quote BTB member fergie3108, who initially alerted us to Jerry's statement: Any ideas on who they might go after? Any preferences?

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