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Cowboys Shift Kyle Kosier To Right Guard, For Now

In Monday's practice, the Cowboys made a shift along the offensive line. Guard Montrae Holland has been out for the last few days with a back injury, rookie David Arkin has been filling in with the starting unit. But this has given the Cowboys two rookies on the right side of the line, Arkin and new right tackle Tyron Smith. On Monday, Kyle Kosier was shifted to right guard, breaking up the two rookies on the same side.

Koiser and Tyron Smith manned the right side, with Arkin flipping over to play alongside Doug Free. This has already proven beneficial to Arkin.

"That was good," said Arkin, who played left guard for his first three seasons at Missouri State. "He was talking to me and teaching me stuff that was really helpful."

Holland had hoped to practice on Monday but instead remained with the injury crew. If Holland is unable to go on Thursday in the preseason game against the Broncos, Kosier will have no problem shifting to the other side.

"He's pretty comfortable on that right side," offensive line coach Hudson Houck said of Kosier. "When he came in the league, that's where he played. That's an opportunity we want to give him a chance and play over there and see how that works."

Houck also said that when Holland returns, he might shift to the left side allowing the Cowboys to permanently have Kosier on the right side. Houck is big on communication between the linemen, and breaking up the rookie combo on the right side could be a long-term move if Arkin was to beat out Holland.

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