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Fantasy Island: Bye Week Roster Stashes For Cowboys Players

Who's on your roster for when Tony Romo and the Cowboys take a week off?
Who's on your roster for when Tony Romo and the Cowboys take a week off?

We'll dive right into the Fantasy Football talk today as there has already been a game played and still some interesting decisions to make before most of Week 1 plays out. In the comment section, feel free to ask about your fantasy football team concerns, but we all ask that you provide a correct amount of information so that our community can help. How many teams in your league, is it PPR or standard scoring, what do the rosters look like?

Throw it into your heading like this: 12team league, nonPPR, 2RB, 3WR, 1 Flex. That will go a long way in the advice you receive.  Now, onto the advice.

If you drafted Marques Colston in the first three rounds, you're hurting for the next four weeks. St. Louis' Danny Amendola (volume) and Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown head the list of pickups before the breakout stars emerge.

Peyton Manning in the second round? There's some interesting things you might have to pull off to stay competitive. Kerry Collins is an obvious fill in choice, despite his less than stellar preseason stats. Think about Buffalo's Ryan Fitzpatrick, who could go for 3,500 yards and 18 TDs, per Football Outsiders projection.  You really need to be trying to make a trade to a team that drafted two quality signal callers. I hope you were stacked at another position.

If you drafted Cowboys player for the long run, playing a defense like the Jets may lend itself to a bit of nervousness where you might have overall season confidence.

Follow the jump for some Cowboys fantasy football notes for you to digest.


Tony Romo:

Bye Week Fill In: Check Out Luke McCown from Jacksonville. He's probably available in most leagues that only play 1 quarterback and he has a good matchup against Cincinnati in Week 5. Word on the street is that McCown could've and should've been starting for the Jags since last season. I'm not calling him a top quarterback, but from the draft scrap heap, a week 5 gem could emerge. You might want to stash him now before he has a big game in September. He's also an easy roster cut should a undrafted QB light it up early in the season.

Week 1 Fill In: Colt McCoy, available in 76% of ESPN leagues. Faces Cincinnati in week 1. Last year against Cincy he went 19 of 26 for 243 and 2 TDs with a 132.6 QB rating. Also consider Rex Grossman. No, seriously. The Giants are extremely banged up, all over their defense. Mike Shanahan has been game planning for this game for the last few months, and has fine tuned it with every adding injury. All those corners gone, no Usi, and now Justin Tuck is possibly out with a stinger? I wouldn't be surprised to see Rex go for 250 yards and 2 TDs in this game. Not bad if you only see Romo going for 1 score.

Felix Jones:

Bye Week Fill Ins: This could have been Delonte Carter if Peyton Manning wasn't ruled out for most of the year earlier this week. He's now on wait and see status as he's available in almost 90% of ESPN leagues.Deji Karim, backup for MJD is available in most leagues, and the Jags have a matchup with Buffalo. You wouldn't expect Jacksonville to have to abandon the run. He's worth a stash even as handcuff insurance trade bait for Drew.

Darren Sproles is still available in 45.6% of leagues. If you're fortunate enough to be in a league with him free, take the chance on him. They'll play Oakland in Week 5. I'd make a gamble that the loss of Nnamdi Asomugha loosens the defense up a little. The team has consistently been in the middle of the pack in pass defense DVOA against running backs. If you're in a PPR league he's an intriguing stash anyway.

Miles Austin and Dez Bryant:

Bye Week Fill Ins: The truth is, I'm a big proponent of starting the season with an overloaded WR corps filled with vets with potential. If you are caught with a short handed WR staff, then you may be looking to make a move once week 5 rolls around.

The three worst teams in projected defensive DVOA are Houston, San Diego and New Orleans. I'd try to target their matchups for week 5 if possible. The Saints play Carolina in Week 5, so that's a no go, and the Chargers play Denver. Eddie Royal? Meh. Oakland's (@HOU) Jacoby Ford is available in only 17% of ESPN leagues, and is a dynamic threat. Make a trade offer for him if he struggles early in the season, week 5 may be his breakout.

Jason Witten:

Bye Week Fill In: Philly's Brett Celek has a nice matchup against Buffalo in Week 5 and a promise from Vick that he will get the TE more involved this year. He's available in almost 90% of ESPN leagues.

If you refuse to take NFC East opponents, here's a risky flyer. Even though I project a somewhat down year for The Senator by his standards, he's still a starter every week. As a Week 5 fill in, look at Chicago's Kellen Davis, who is available in almost 100% of the leagues. He takes over as the #1 TE after Greg Olsen was traded to Carolina. I know, Mike Martz doesn't use the TE, but Detroit is historically bad against the position.

Cowboys D/ST:

Stop putting stock in defenses outside of it's fun to root for the Cowboys. There will be a hot hand that emerges after the season starts (my prediction, Miami, but they are on a bye week 5 as well). Pick them up and roll with them. And don't you dare carry two defenses.

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