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Cowboys Implode Down Stretch, Fall To Jets 27-24

A Tony Romo scramble near the Jets endzone was the beginning of the unraveling for the Cowboys in this game.
A Tony Romo scramble near the Jets endzone was the beginning of the unraveling for the Cowboys in this game.

[Ed. note]: That was wretched, things looked so good before the Cowboys imploded. We're all definitely hurting right now, but, the rules about comments are still in place. Profanity, name-calling, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Now, bashing the Cowboys? Perfectly acceptable after that performance. I sure feel like it. But, oddly enough, I saw enough good to think we might be in for a competitive season. Sure, that's a little bit of Kool-Aid talking, but I was impressed by a lot of things we did, except for the 4th-quarter meltdown. I turn it over to KD for more recap below, but please try to keep your cool. Thanks. - Dave [End Note]

After a gallant early effort, the Dallas Cowboys self-destructed down the stretch and gave away a game they easily could have won, losing to the Jets 27-24. A costly interception by Tony Romo while trying to drive for the go ahead score allowed the Jets close to field goal range. A couple yards later, Nick Folk put the finishing touches on a 17 point comeback to start the Dallas season at 0-1. The interception was the Cowboys third turnover of the quarter and of the game.

More recap below...

The  Cowboys looked like the team the optimists could be proud of early on, making several big plays on both sides of the ball. The team had a perfect chance to put the Jets away with ten minutes remaining in the fourth quarter when a Tony Romo to Jason Witten pass took the team within the Jets five, up 24-17. This in response to a Jets drive that had cut the lead from 14 early in the fourth quarter. Witten was tackled short of the end zone, and a couple plays later, Tony Romo coughed up the football and the team wouldn't score again.

Up 24-17, a blocked punt saw the Jets race the loose ball into the end zone. Tie game. The Cowboys fought through cornerback injuries, as Orlando Scandrick was in a walking boot on his right ankle, and Mike Jenkins was in and out of the game with numerous injuries. When the secondary was at it's weakest, the Jets were able to gain yardage by the chunk as the 'Boys tried to compensate.

Also on the injury front, Dez Bryant was in and out of the game with leg cramps. Before the cramps, Dez was a dominating presence. He, Witten and Miles Austin earned their money in the passing game today. Austin and Bryant made highlight reel catches and both scored touchdowns. Sean Lee and DeMarcus Ware were menaces on defense; Lee with 11 tackles an INT with a return to the 1 plus a fumble recovery, Ware with 2 sacks and constant pressure. The Cowboys got contributions from Danny McCray and Kevin Ogletree in reserve roles. The run game was non existent, but that was to be expected, and the Cowboys did the same in return to the Jets defense. This game was lost on the turnovers.

We'll have more coverage in the morning, but for now use this thread for your post game analysis.

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