49ers vs. Cowboys: Ask Niners Nation

Hey everybody, this is Fooch from Niners Nation. Apologies for the delay in getting this posted, but it's time for a little 49ers-Cowboys discussion. KD Drummond set up a similar FanPost over at Niners Nation so feel free to head over and help answer some of our questions about your Cowboys. We have a one-day wait period for commenting, but if you register, post a comment here telling me and I'll activate your membership right away.

While 49ers-Cowboys does not have quite the national cache it had back in the '80s and '90s, it is still a solid rivalry game between the former NFL powers. The 49ers are in the midst of a quasi-competing/rebuilding sort of deal under new head coach Jim Harbaugh. There is a lot of talent on the team but there has also been a big change in starting personnel on defense. The team isn't rebuilding but they've got some work to do to remain consistently competitive. Of course, given that the 49ers are in the NFC West, they always remain competitive for a division title.

The 49ers are coming off a big win against the Seattle Seahawks that was blown open by a record-setting performance by Ted Ginn, who in the fourth quarter returned a kick for a touchdown and one minute later returned a punt for a touchdown. The offense played relatively conservatively as they continue to figure out what exactly they have. The defense had some question marks in the secondary but brought a fierce pass rush behind Ray McDonald and Justin Smith. It really was defense and special teams winning that game.

So, feel free to fire away with any questions you might have and I'll have some NN readers and writers swing by to help answer questions about the team. 

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