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Dallas Cowboys News: Jenkins' "Inspirational" Performance. Lee's Almost Perfect Game And More

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Thursday morning and we take a brief look at the Dallas Cowboys headlines.

Jason Garrett praises Mike Jenkins' "inspirational" performance - Todd Archer - ESPN Dallas

Mike Jenkins gutsy performance against the Jets drew immediate praise from many fans who were happy to see the return of the 2009 version of Mike Jenkins. Garrett thought so as well.

"If you’re a coach or player on a football team and a guy’s doing that, just putting it on the line, fighting through some things, that’s inspirational," Garrett said. "It’s really a positive thing for your football team and again we wouldn’t have put him out there if we felt we were endangering or injuring himself any further. It’s a guy being a tough football player and I think we have a lot of guys on the team who have those capabilities and they’re growing in their maturity and understanding of the importance of doing those kinds of things and Jenks is no exception to that."

More news after the break. | On the Phone with Garrett and Romo

Jason Garrett and Tony Romo participated in conference calls with the San Francisco media yesterday. The article provides a link to both calls. Here's an excerpt of what Garrett had to say about the 49ers:

"I’m just impressed with them in so many different areas," Garrett said in Wednesday’s conference call with the Bay Area media. "I think the over-arching thing that you see when you watch the tape is how hard they play in all three areas. They have a lot of really good players, talented players on both sides of the ball and in the kicking game. They play the right way and they play hard snap after snap."

Tony Romo says he, team won't fold tent - Todd Archer - ESPN Dallas

Romo is looking for some redemption against the 49ers. He already owned up to his mistakes against the Jets, now he's eager to get back to work.

"Anyone who thinks that I'm going to fold up the tent around here or this team is, they don't know us very well, and this team is going to come back with great energy this week," Romo said. "I'm going to come back with great energy and we're going to play good football going forward, and I'm excited about the 49er game. And I just can't wait to get out on the field this week."

Cowboys DE Marcus Spears: 'I think we'll be fine' - Brandon George - The Dallas Morning News

Spears reiterates Garrett's theme of stacking good days on top of each other, and focuses on the positives of the Jets game. And the Cowboys run defense has certainly been a pleasant surprise.

"Everybody who watched that game knows it was ours to lose," Spears said. "Going into that environment everybody thought we were going to get killed and that wasn't the case, so there are a lot of positives to take away from last night, but it's football, so there are always things to work on, too. "They made big plays. They got a blocked punt, turnover and it's a bunch of plays throughout the game you can credit to losing the game but those two plays stick out because they happened to happen at a time when you're probably thinking you're going to win the game. I think we'll be fine."

Like Keith Brooking, Bradie James OK with role - Todd Archer - ESPN Dallas

The article reiterates a theme that our own Kegbearer also looked at in detail: The Rise Of Sean Lee

"It’s a little different for me," James said. "My job and my role is to accept it, whatever it is. I was a little banged up going into last week (ankle) and I think each week as we get progressive in this defense we all know what our roles are. I’ve been around. This is my ninth season. I’ve learned to check my ego at the door and just go play. All that matters now is winning. Whoever’s out there gives us the best chance and that’s what we’ve got to roll with."

"It was very impressive the way Sean Lee played. He almost played a perfect game, to be honest with you."

Frank Walker happy to be in Dallas - Charean Williams - Star-Telegram

Cornerback Frank Walker said he can be ready to play by Sunday. Walker, who went to training camp with the Titans, drew interest from Tennesee, Carolina and Dallas. He picked the Cowboys because of the injuries in the defensive backfield as well as his relationship with Jason Garrett. Walker was a rookie with the Giants in 2003, Garrett's last year as a player with the Giants.

"Oh, man, I used to give him a lot of trouble when we were in New York," Walker said. "But we had a lot of fun."

Short-yardage situations likely to be a season-long problem for Cowboys - Brandon George - Dallas Morning News

Brandon George offers this opinion about the Cowboys' short yardage woes:

The Cowboys have struggled picking up first downs and/or touchdowns in short-yardage situations the last few seasons. It's a concern for the coaching staff. The Cowboys didn't help themselves this season by going with a younger, less-physical offensive line and deciding not to carry a true fullback on the roster. Additionally, the Cowboys' three primary running backs aren't very physical. I'm afraid this will continue to be a problem all season. The Cowboys have no confidence that they can run the football when they need to run the football, and it shows with the team passing often in short-yardage situations.

Cowboys' Phil Costa: 49ers do things 'we're going to have to adjust to' - SportsDayDFW

Phil Costa was interviewed on 105.3 on Tuesday (9/13) to discuss the Cowboys loss to the Jets and moving forward. Costa thought the young line performed okay against the Jets but sees room for improvement.

"There's things we need to improve on. Short-yardage gains when the game was tied. That's the O-line, you've got to be able to get a yard. And some other little things. There's always some things you can improve on, always a few plays you want back."

Kai Forbath is kicking - Calvin Watkins - ESPN Dallas

Forbath started kicking field goals again on Friday, the first time since he joined the Cowboys.

"I'm doing some stuff on my own," Forbath said. "I've hit the ball a little bit and I hit it a little harder every day until it gets there." "It feels like it's all gone now," Forbath said of the pain. Watkins writes that the Cowboys wanted Forbath more than Bailey, but they'll have to be patient with Forbath's recovery. At least he's kicking again.

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