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Who Is The Boldest Cowboys Fan Ever? Boldest Member Of BTB?

Our great parent company has aligned us with an opportunity to give a little more fame to one person, and a lot more to a second. We've been tasked with locating two of the boldest members of Cowboys Nation, and I've volunteered (right Dave? I volunteered, that's the way we're going to frame it?) to take lead on the search.

For the following two weekends, we'll be running a post showing some love to the Cowboys fan that stirs the pot the most. As we are all familiar with here, the boldest fan doesn't need to be the most homerific (although it doesn't hurt), but they do have to be one that moves the needle. The fan who's opinion stands out the most amidst this sea of opinions.

So, using the comment section, start your nominations. I'm not guaranteeing that the vote leader will win the spot, but they will be deeply taken into consideration. Nominate someone for one of the following categories.

1- The Boldest Cowboys Fan (Nationally known personality type)

2- The Boldest Member of Blogging The Boys (I have three names in mind myself)

Have fun with it, be respectful, and tell us who is the biggest catalyst you can think of. I'll post my nominations in the comments over the weekend.

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