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Tony Romo's Collapsed Lung Injury Clouds Status For Monday's Game

The magnitude of what Tony Romo did against the San Francisco 49ers has become even bigger as it has been announced that he actually had a collapsed lung.

"Additional testing on the fractured rib of Tony Romo today revealed that he also has evidence of a pneumothorax - a condition that is not unusual for an injury such as the one Romo sustained in San Francisco," the team said in a release.

According to, a pneumothorax is a collapsed lung, which "occurs when air leaks into the space between (the) lungs and chest wall."

It may just be a matter of degree over the previously diagnosis of a punctured lung, but it sounds a lot worse to the uneducated layman.  Jason Garrett had earlier announced that he expected Tony to be able to play against the Washington Redskins on Monday, but his statement was made before the team released the update on his condition.

SB Nation's own injury doctor, Dr. Ali, had the following to say in a very detailed article concerning Romo's injury, which all Cowboys fans should go read.

Make the jump for the diagnosis...

By all indications, Romo's puncture is small and stable, so to be clear, it does not appear there is reason to believe he will suffer from any of the worrisome complications of a pneumothorax. Based on Garrett's report one can assume, in fact, that the injury is stable enough not to require any intervention other than giving medications to help alleviate the pain from the fractured rib.

Romo will likely have further imaging studies of the chest over the next several days to determine whether there has been significant air accumulation in the plerual space. If the puncture heals spontaneously as expected, Romo's larger concern for next Monday night's game will be dealing with the pain of the rib fracture. However, if he develops a larger pneumothorax over the week, his status for Week 3, and perhaps beyond, will be in serious jeopardy.

You can read the whole article, here.

ESPN is running an interview with a doctor who says he does not see how Romo can go on Monday.   However, Brian Broaddus has an opposing view from a therapist who says the puncture must have been small or Tony could not have made the flight home.  The situation is not very clear right now.

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