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Dallas Cowboys Boldest Fan: Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones

Let's be honest.

This portion of our sponsored 'Boldest' series was a no-brainer and this being 'We Hate Washington' week is just the poetic justice the nomination deserves. Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones was without a doubt the boldest Cowboys fan ever, serving as the team's unofficial mascot for 46 seasons.

The younger fans might not remember, but there was a time when the lead-in to every single Cowboys-Redskins game would feature a cameo of Crazy Ray and Chief Zee pretending to beat each other up. Jones passed away in March 2007 due to heart disease and diabetes, but his memory lives on in the hearts of generations worth of Cowboys fans.

Starting off as a pennant vendor at the Cotton Bowl (well before my time), Crazy Ray earned his stripes with his famous whistle and charm.

Back then he bounded up aisles and through concourses with a whistle in his mouth, a smile on his face and a trick up his sleeve. Reach out for one of his trademark balloon toys and get--surprise!--a squirt of water from the silver faucet rigged to his black "RAY" bowler hat.

--Dallas Observer


The article linked above is a good read, written from when Ray was suffering from the disease that would eventually take his life. It includes some glimpses into the level of appreciation shown to him by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Crazy Ray was a staple at Texas Stadium, given a parking pass and all-access at home contests. He would entertain the crowds with magic tricks and wild antics, always sporting his signature chaps, six-shooter and blue vest. Upon his passing, Jerry Jones had this to say:

"Ray was the most dedicated, entertaining, and passionate of Cowboys fans. He touched thousands of lives and generations of football fans. He will remain an important part of this team's heritage - and family - for as long as fans go to Cowboys games and feel his spirit."

So for this exercise, a giant and generous hat tip goes out to Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones, the boldest Cowboys fan.

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