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KDP's 10 For 10: Week One Contest

It's the return of KDP's 10 For 10 Contest!
It's the return of KDP's 10 For 10 Contest!

Welcome back to the most fun you can have on the internet without worrying about the webcam cutting on by accident! If you abandoned the FanPost section last year due to the negative spiral of the Cowboys season, you may not have partaken in this ground-breaking, seizure-inducing excitement. Partaken... partook? Partooken?

Don't fret little one; you have the chance to redeem yourself. And no, this is not replacing the weekly front page pick'em thread.

Once again, congratulations to the inaugural 10 for 10 winner, BTB member jstaubach. However, the contest wasn't over once perfection was achieved. 

BTB member BishopWest won the 2010 Cumulative Score Championship. See fellas, I told ya you'd go down in history! However if the front page brings a lot more than last year's 60-odd contestants, then you might end up getting the same amount of respect as the Eagles 'it's a 10 team league' championships from the '40s.

Speaking of history, if you're really bored, click here to read up on the contests origin.  Last season's winners were the recipient of wicked awesome Cowboys related prizes, and they weren't cheesy throw aways either! We'll have to see what we can do about a prize for this season (Hi sponsors, email me!).  If you're ready to make history, follow the jump for instructions on how to submit your weekly entry.


Each week of the NFL season, there are between 13 and 16 games on the schedule. You simply have to pick the 10 potential winners you are most confident in.  Easy, right? It took until Week 10 in '10 for someone to pick 10 out of 10 of their games correctly (binary, baby). Entry is simple, and specific. You must follow the instructions to a T, or yours will not be scored.

1 - You must only pick 10 games. If you pick more than 10, I will score the first 10. If you pick less than 10, then you need more fingers to count on; all non-picks will be scored as wrong.

ii) You must make your entry as a reply to the post, not another comment. I will only go down the left margin when scoring. Anything indented will get no love here, playa.

B: You must include the entire matchup in your entry. Simply BOLD the team in the matchup you are picking to win. No lists of only the winners you pick. If you want me to take the time to score your entry, take the time to format it correctly. It's easy, just copy and paste the matchups from the post, then highlight your pick and hit the B button.


D - Hit the preview button, because once it's submitted, that's it- there's no turning back.

D v2.0 - Picks must be in before the early games of Sunday kickoff. No exceptions. If you're including Thursday night's game in your picks but not ready to pick Sunday's game, post 'THURSDAY GAME ONLY' in your subject line.


WEEK 1 GAMES (16 Total)

New Orleans @ Green Bay

Atlanta @ Chicago

Indianapolis @ Houston

NYGiants @ Washington

Buffalo @ Kansas City

Tennessee @ Jacksonville

Cincy @ Cleveland

Philly @ St. Louis

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

Detroit @ Tampa Bay

Minnesota @ San Diego

Carolina @ Arizona

Seattle @ San Fransisco

MUST PICK: Dallas @ New York Jets

New England @ Miami

Oakland @ Denver


10 For 10's Origin

  Sportsbooks love teasers, parlays and round robins. When you place these bets, you greatly increase the payout you'd receive, but by adding the add'l games you obviously increase the chances of being wrong. If you have three games you feel strongly about and bet the same amount on each, the winnings will be dwarfed when compared to if you rolled all three games together into a parlay. However, if you only get 2 out of 3 right then you don't win anything as compared to winning 2 of 3 single bets.

What I've done over the last couple years is started to make a TEN for TEN bet. Basically what you do is, take a look at all 16 games (or however many are on the sched for the week) and pick a straight up winner for each.

Then, find the 10 games that you are MOST confident in and place a $10 wager. The first time I ever tried this, the payout would have been over $10,000 due to the underdogs I had predicted. If you ever hit it, you are looking at a possible 1000x payoff depending on the underdog depths.

So when I place my hypothetical bets for the week, I consider the 10 for 10 a tax. Play it every week... probably won't win, but it's like an educated lottery scratchoff.

Trademark and Utility Patent Pending lol.

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