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Cowboys Fanpost of the Week: An Organizational Holy Trinity?

Once again, its the time of the week where we dole out big spoonfuls of FanPost goodness. The time between the final preseason game and the first contest that counts is an interesting time in every NFL year, as we find ourselves in a liminal space--a moment of transition between one phase of our lives and another.

As might be expected of such a time, there are many storylines in play: final cuts to 53; season predictions; thoughts about the upcoming game and the opponent. Indeed, this week's FanPosts featured informed and passionate takes on all three of these narratives.

Before moving on to this week's most notable posts, I thought it would be fitting to mention a few others that stood out.

FP notables after the jump...

Given that we currently find ourselves on the cusp of a season, what better post to start off with than Scout06's fine "cusp of the cut" piece which engages with the "rebuilding or retooling" question. Not to be outdone, Alpha contributed a fine take on the "final 53," replete with grades for each position group. This is thirsty work! As if on cue, rhodri2112 stepped in, distributing refreshing beverages to various Cowboys--and to peripheral Cowboys-related folk. My favorite?

...give Jean-Jacques Tayler(sic) a Great Lakes (Toronto, ON) Pompous Ass pale ale.

That's worth a cold one in my book, Rhod.

A side effect of the roster cuts was a collective sense of frustration over the fact that Dallas decided (or resigned themselves) to keeping two kickers. In response, two members authored posts bemoaning the fact the Cowboys' release of kicking coach Steve Hoffman in 2004 (it was Bill Parcells' decision; he thought that having a kicking coach made kickers too soft). DavidH22 asks "Whither Steve Hoffman?"; in a post entitled "The Guru," ps239 maintains that the Cowboys need to get him back in the fold. The problem, of course, is that he's currently employed in Kansas City...

And now on to our select few (err, two). This week's honorable mention goes to Chuck Cowboy, who elaborates on some speculative proposals I offered on the philosophical ramifications of the recent roster cuts. As I did, Chuck asks, "Is Garrett the Second Coming of Jimmy Johnson?" As I neglected to do, he considers the (likely vast) differences between Garrett and JJ as talent evaluators--and reminds us that JJ was not an X's and O's kinda coach, but an astute motivator and leader of men. Of course, all these comparisons are premature--Jimmy was a singular talent, who revolutionized the way the NFL goes about talent acquisition--but its nice to have a coach that allows at least SOME basis of comparison, isn't it?

Which brings us to this week's winner. Before each season, the illustrious 5Blings pens a declaration in which he determines that the upcoming season will be about a single person, group, position, etc. Past determinants have been Jerry Jones and the offensive line, either of which cold be the key to 2011. After much debate, Blings offers that this season is all about the organizational core of Jerry and Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett--and he dubs this threesome "the Trinity." There's much to be admired in this week's FPOTW; here's one of many statements that caught my eye:

I cannot help but come to the conclusion that the Dallas Cowboys are no longer ruled by the iron-fisted, iconic, "any one of 500 coaches could have won those Super Bowls" patriarch that we've come to know and...uh, love. No, just as we are seeing social upheaval in the Middle East, we are also seeing the rise of an oligarchy in place of the seemingly endless monarchy here at home at Valley Ranch. The distribution of power is beginning to disperse, even if just a bit, to these two lieutenants and instead of snap decisions and reflex actions, there seems to be considerably more thought going into how the Cowboys operate.

Great stuff, Blings, as always! I'm eager to see how this season, and your declaration, plays out.

In concluding, I feel compelled to note the language of this week's top posters--and apologies in advance to anyone who finds this sacrilegious. Chuck refers to Jason Garrett as the "second coming"; in making reference to "the Trinity," Blings suggests that, if Jerry and Stephen are the Father and the Son, then Jason Garrett is the Holy Ghost. Hmmmmmm....he HAS been labeled the "RHG." Might those last two letters stand for...? NAAAAH.

Nevertheless, I'll be checking to see whether Garrett is wearing sandals in the Meadowlands on Sunday.

Congratulations to this week's top posters. Keep on postin', y'all!

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