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Dallas Cowboys News: Jerry Jones Is Rich, Tony Romo Talks And Victor Butler Appreciates BTB

Yesterday was a roller coaster for Cowboys fans. Oh, it started off nice enough. We were digesting the first couple of looks into the world of the Jets game, and figuring out how to shake the snow globe so that Dallas emerges victorious. The morning coffee post gave us a glimpse into week 1 of the NFL schedule and how BTB's staff sees the games unfolding.

From there we returned to Cowboys analysis with Kegbearer's post on this year's Cowboys offense. It is an outstanding breakdown of Keg's take on the type of offense Jason Garrett is getting ready to reveal on Sunday night. He ties together how the composition of the roster, from the stable of backs to young athletic linemen, sets the tone for the offensive sets and playcalling he is going to unleash. Must read stuff.

About this time, the comment sections were starting to bubble over with anxiety, fans just couldn't wait for Sunday night to get here. One poster asked me to produce the game out of the same orifice that I developed my last article in... and I think he meant it as a compliment.

Then the Cowboys signed WR Laurent Robinson to his fourth team of a five year career; releasing FB Tony Fiammetta in the process. Interesting conversation piece, but probably nothing but a radar blip for Sunday's game. Then the practice reports started filtering in, and word of Mike Jenkins and Tyron Smith's knee injuries drew fans to their reply buttons like moths to a flame.

Amidst all of the conjecture, the Cowboys were still preparing for the game against the Jets. So if you missed anything, and I'm sure you did, follow the jump for your recap of the latest in Cowboys news.

Cowboys, worth $1.85 billion, easily are NFL's most valuable franchise | The Washington Post

Another year, another 365 days sitting atop the perch for Jerry Jones. Noooo, of course this doesn't play any part in the power he wields amongst owners. Why would you think that?

Cowboys Victor Butler: I'd like to sack Jets QB Mark Sanchez... | Dallas Cowboys News

Last week, I named Butler as the Cowboys player whom you should follow on twitter in a team preview for SB Nation. These kinds of quotes are why:

"I think there was a magnet in his pocket that just attracted him to me," Butler joked about sacking Sanchez back in school. "He good ... good looking. And how could you not want to sack a guy like that? All I know is that I want to be close to him. If the ref's give me enough time, maybe I'll whisper a couple sweet nothings in his ear.

Butler appreciates the support he gets from the fans, and wanted to make sure we all know how much the fan's backing means to him.

@BloggingTheBoys really means alot that so many people carebout wat Im doing&all the things I do to prepare4 this upcoming season #believersless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply


@BloggingTheBoys &that so many fans in #cowboynation believe in the work&direction that myself&the team r goin,I promise2keep it interestingless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

I think Victor Butler just became my favorite 'not a superstar yet' Cowboy.

Dallas Cowboys Conference Calls |

This article lays out several quotes from Tony Romo and Jason Garrett after their media session with the Jets scribes on Wednesday.

(Tony Romo) On facing the Jets defense…

They’re a great group, obviously. They have great corners. They have a great coaching staff. They do a lot of different stuff. Communication will be difficult up there. We’re going to have to communicate well. We’re going to see a lot of Cover-2 Man against them. They use a lot of two-high safeties and play man-under coverage. They’re going to throw some zone at us. So you have to account for these things and just be ready to go. I think it’ll be a great test for our ballclub, and hopefully we’ll be up for it.

(Jason Garrett) On if he sees similarities between Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan’s defenses…

Well, I think there are some similarities between them. There are a lot of similarities across defenses around the league, and I think each coach puts his own personality on what that scheme is and the things that they emphasize from a front standpoint, a pressure standpoint and then on the back end. So there are certainly some similarities, but there are some differences too. They’re certainly challenging in a lot of different ways, and we know Sunday night we’re going to have our work cut out for us going against that Jets defense, because they’re outstanding.

Jay Ratliff's agent, Cowboys continue to talk contract extension | DMN

Not sure how I feel about using our extra cap space to extend Ratliff, as I thought that I had hears something like extra room gets added to next year's cap or something of the sort.

Bradie James and Jason Garrett know the run defense needs improvement from the preseason version | DMN

"It wasn't good. Y'all saw it," James said. "We gave up some points. In order for us to be successful, we got to stop the run. That's football 101. So we've got some work to do, and we've been working at that. But now, that's when it counts."

Dez Bryant thinks the Jets corners are the best in the league, and relishes the matchup | The Mothership

"They are great," Dez Bryant said of the Jets' corners. "They're some great DBs. Probably the best. They are the best. But, you know, we look forward to this matchup between our wideouts and their DBs. It's going to be great."

Film Room: Jets vs Cowboys preview | Andy Benoit |

3. The Execution
A lot of Ryan’s pass-rush designs look like blitzes but actually involve only four pass-rushers. Often, the pass-rushers are overloaded to one side. For example, the Jets might place seven defenders on the line of scrimmage (say four to left and three to right).

But when the ball is snapped, three of the four defenders on the left side drop into coverage, while all three defenders on the right side rush. This creates confusion for offenses in pass protection, which results in pass-rushers getting a clear path to the quarterback or being blocked by an overwhelmed running back.

Marcus Spears and Phil Costa returned to work, but Martellus Bennett and Terence Newman didn't. | ESPN & Star Telegram

Jets' Ryan expects screens, short passing game from Cowboys | Star Telegram

"It’s no great surprise we’re expecting more screens when you have three new starters on the offensive line," Ryan said. "Shorter passing game, and all that. I don’t mind saying what we expect. I think it’s pretty obvious."

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