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Tweet Beat: Cowboys Might Move Ratliff To DE? Whose Stock Rose In BCS Game?

The Twitterverse is a wonderful place, once you get past the spam. Really, all of social media as a whole is reinventing the way people share information. You can keep track of all sorts of folks associated with your favorite pasttime; from athletes to beat writers to analysts. Sure, some people are too social, and you'll get the occasional faux pas or release of too much information, but the merits of the medium are obvious.

While watching the BCS Championship game last night, I came across a string of tweets that originated during the Wild Card games that took place on Sunday. To say that it piqued my interest would be an understatement.

If you aren't familiar with Bryan Broaddus, (@BryanBroaddus) as a Cowboys fan you should be. He writes for ESPN Dallas and is a former NFL Scout. He provides some of the best material that site has to offer and honestly, shouldn't be judged by his contemporaries. Anyway, Broaddus had an interesting exchange with @DCBlueStar that I had to follow up on to make sure my aging eyes weren't deceiving me.

Now that's a big change from the stance the team has taken pretty much every off season since Jay Ratliff was put as the nose tackle position. Again, Broaddus simply is saying there will be conversation, but I'm sure this will put some on the defensive but also please several others to no end. Get it? Defensive? End? I'm here all week.

Follow the jump for more tweet beat.

Another off season fan favorite for Cowboys followers are the draft musings of one Wes Bunting (@WesBunting), of the National Football Post. As last night's championship game went on, Wes provided his take on which players did what to their draft stock. Obviously one can't make a decision based on one game, but the performance of a prospect on the college game's biggest stage does lend some credence to how they will do with the higher stakes of professional football.

Bunting felt that Alabama offensive linemen, C William Vlachos and OG Alfred McCullough are both fringe NFL prospects at best.

Here's a collection of tweets from Bunting in regards to the numerous defensive prospects that took the field in New Orleans last night.


We had a good comments section debate in one of my posts from last week about the strategy of taking Stanford's David DeCastro with the #14 pick. For those that think that great OG's can be found in the second round or later, your stance is buoyed by this Bunting tweet:

Best Guard class in years and would be better with #Alabama LG Chance Warmack, power bender who can dominate inline... Top 50 pick #nfldraft
Jan 10 via Twitter for AndroidFavoriteRetweetReply

Well, you know where I'm going with this conversation, don't you? Obviously things will change as the combine comes and goes, but on a team devoid of much defensive talent, I certainly am leaning towards wanted a defensive prospect in the first round and solidifying the offensive line if a prospect is available later.

Everyone likes to point to the hope Dallas fields an offensive line like the early '90s and forgets that Dallas had a defensive line rotation that was the envy of the league as well. I do believe that offense is more important than defense, and I love watching the Saints with their elite line and the mesmerizing display of dominance... wait, I'm leaning the other direction again. Help me out here folks, what do you think?


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