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Cowboys Podcast: Krunchtime With KD 01.12.12 Featuring Chia's Early Draft Talk

Forever breaking into new territory...
Forever breaking into new territory...

I'm going to try something new this offseason. This is the premiere, and hopefully not the final, edition of Krunchtime with KD; a podcast designed to wrap up the latest in Cowboys conversation. I'll attempt to consolidate the most important news of the present for the franchise, and include my personal take on the comings and goings of the team. They'll probably be of various length, although this one ran a little longer than expected.

In episode 1.1, I'll discuss the Cowboys assistant coaching changes, the units on the team that are a cause for concern as well as a flaw I see in how the Cowboys approached the roster and handing out contracts.This episode also features a special guest, none other than BTB's own, Chia Crack.

Chia was kind enough to deliver some of his insights on this coming April's draft prospects to set the stage for the conversations over the next coming months. If you're interested, and tired of hearing your local radio station play the same three songs in an hour, give it a whirl. Just click on the link below to open the podcast in a separate window, then continue reading the great work the others have been cranking out recently.

Krunchtime With KD 01.12.12 Featuring Draft Talk With Chia

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