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Cowboys News: Ex's In XLVI, Tony Romo Air Yards, Safety Valves And More

The news round-ups are coming at a slightly slower pace since the offseason arrived. Mostly because, with no games remaining on the schedule for the Dallas Cowboys, things that are considered newsworthy are few and far between. That will pick up once the new league year opens up and the Cowboys start hosting draft prospects and potential free agents. Also, some of the 'lack of news content' for us to link to has to do with... well, regurgitation.

This is the time of year when many media outlets simply regurgitate story ideas that they've seen elsewhere (cough, here at BTB, cough). But no matter, all's fair in the interwebs.

Onto the news that isn't a form of rehash. Here's the latest and greatest in Cowboys on the wire.

Four ex-Cowboys part of Super Bowl XLVI | ESPN Dallas

Who knew? Well, we all know about Chris Canty and his spot in the New York Giants defensive line rotation. Some are even aware that former Dallas fullback Lousaka Polite makes his home with the Patriots. But did you know that CB Nate Jones and WR Isaiah Stanback are still in the NFL, much less playing in the Super Bowl? Jones is a backup for New England while Stanback works with the Giants practice squad. Good for them.

Air Yards 2011 | Advanced NFL Stats

ANS' Brian Burke tracked a metric that basically finishes the other half of the equation to a receiver's Yards-After-Catch. Air Yards measures how many yards the pass travels before it gets to the catcher. Now, offenses are certainly constructed in different ways; some are more deep-threat oriented than others, others are more timing based and dependent on hitting receivers with fortuitous angles on defenders to keep matriculating down the field.

Whatever merit you give this metric, Dallas' Tony Romo ranked 11th overall in AirYPA; 5th in the NFC and 3rd in the NFC East, with 4.2 Air yards per attempt.


Did the move to extend Sensabaugh inhibit the Cowboys? | DMN

The writer wonders if the signing resigns Dallas to stick with the status quo, considering Abe Elam's familiarity with Rob Ryan and Jerome Henderson. Not much substance, but I'll counter that even though it's an option that Elam stays because of his familiarity, it's not a foreign situation for coaches to coach without former players.

Cowboys P McBriar Having Surgery To Remove Cyst | ESPN Dallas

Beyond football, hopefully this is what Aussie punter Mat McBriar needs in order to regain a fully functional life. The soon-to-be free agent is also targeting getting back on the field this summer.

DeMarcus Ware Only Cowboy On Sporting News All-Pro Team | Star Telegram

Ware: With Ryan, D Will Pan Out In 2012 | NBC DFW

Roger Staubach: Garrett Right Coach To Work With Jerry Jones | DMN

"I believe that you got to get the coach and, in this case, Jerry Jones the owner and general manger in-sync," Staubach said Monday on Colin Cowherd's ESPN radio show. "And I think the formula’s there again. It was there for a while with Jimmy Johnson . Jason Garrett I really think can deal with having an owner that wants to be involved. I think Bob Kraft is involved. Not as much as Jerry, but he still has a great relationship with Bill Belichick. I think Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones are going to continue to develop a relationship that’s going to make a difference here."

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