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KDP's 10 For 10 Crowns A New Champion, Plus Fantasy Football Results

With the 2011 season in the rear-view mirror for Dallas Cowboys fans, I figured it's time to recap all the fun and glory that was the second successful season of KDP's 10 For 10 Pick'Em Contest. Oh wait, hookerhome already took care of that! Check out his complete wrap-up of all things 10-For-10 here. HH has been a lifesaver in keeping up with the results from each week's contest, and trying to give all the participants reminders to get their picks in.

He's even saved me the embarrassment of missing more than two weeks of my own contest.

Regardless, the jump to the front page meant more visibility for the contest and therefore more involvement. 160 total participants!? That's a big jump from the 40-plus last year in the Fan Posts. We had a few folks that came late to the party, and more that wanted to be the first to log a perfect week and dropped out once that wasn't a possibility anymore. I expect Year 3 to be bigger and better than ever.

Side note: There will be a 10-For-10 Playoff Bracket Contest once the Wild Card games are out of the way. That post will go up on Tuesday. Think of it like a March Madness pool starting with the Elite 8. Good times.

Congratulations to our 2011 Season Champion, Jebediah Fibberbush! With a total score of 126, he had a two-win lead over the next closest competitors. He told the field that once he got the lead he wasn't going to relinquish it and he stayed true to his word. Here's a look at the updated Hall Of Fame.

Member Year Week
Jebediah Flibberbrush 2011 Reigning Season Champ
jstaubach 2010 10
I Am Ironman!!!, mdlusk, Travlr
2011 2
2011 3
2011 3
@Tonekupone, Antonio S, bcg08, Ben24626, BishopWest, CDMac24, ChiaCrack, Cowboys_Attack, D_Carter, demarcus94 2011 12
HLCJ69, Hookem Up, jazzbo251, Jebediah Flibberbrush, JLMax09, mdlusk, Portland's Cowboy fan, Tuna Helper, wittenfan 2011 12
BishopWest 2010 First Ever Season Champ

For a look at the complete leaderboard, as well as those that earned honors for the highest per-week average (didn't participate every week), check out HH's epic season-ending FanPost here.

For the crowning of our BTB Fantasy League Champions, and some other 10 For 10 recognitions, follow the jump.

10 For 10 Interesting Accomplishments

Our 2011 Season Champ, Jebediah, was far and away the best picker. Not only did he win the season trophy, he also added his name to the Hall of Fame by going 10 For 10 in Week 12. In addition, Jebediah also went 9 for 10 an amazing four times. To say that he set the gold standard for next season's competition is an understatement.

Also deserving extra recognition is mdlusk, who accrued two separate 10 For 10 nominations. With 2010 season champ BishopWest also earning a 10 For 10 distinction, we now have three names that are in the Main Room of the 10 For 10 Hall of Fame. It's like winning multiple MVPs.

BishopWest, mdlusk and Jebediah Flibberbrush, we salute you.

2011 BTB FF League Final Results

Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name
Champion Magic ironmen Ron Mexico's Pharmacy The Right Kind Stellar Immortals
Runner-Up Road Warriors Static Motherwell manstars El Diable Vaquero 2 mindmuggaz fc
Third Place KD Wins. Always. FantasyFootball101 Team Jamery Olivia's Daddy Rackham
Champ's Triplets Stafford-White-SF Def Stafford-Harvin-SF Def Ryan-Sproles-Welker Brees-Foster-SF Def Brees-Nelson-Foster

Well, I finished 3rd (KD Wins) and 1st (Stellar Immortals) in the two BTB leagues I was in, not too shabby. Congrats to all the placeholders and participants for a great season. Interesting that Stafford and Brees won four of the five leagues and the San Francisco defense was involved in three winners.

I hope everyone that participated in both the 10 For 10 and the Fantasy leagues enjoyed themselves this year, it was a pleasure organizing them all for you and I look forward to doing it again next season. Cheers!

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