Some Ideas for Fixing the Cowboys' Offense

I know most of you think that the D is the priority in this draft, but if we are to win, we must protect Romo and generate a respectable running game. Why has Romo had the bad Decembers? Chronic depth issues have been the No. 1 contributor to these December disasters. The window for title contention is open only as long as Romo is on the top of his game. Let's look at some suggestions for improving our offense, getting us back into the playoffs and keeping us under the salary cap.

With the retirement of Kitna we have an immediate need for a backup QB. McGee should play out his present contract and fade away to arena football or somewhere else. The suggestion for a short term fix is to pick up one of the two Detroit backups. Either Shaun Hill or Drew Stanton. They are not world beaters but they could hold the fort down for a while. Stanton is the best choice because he is 27 compared to Hill's 32.

Running back seems to be the strength of the offense right now performance- and salary wise. The question is, do we move forward with Fragile Felix as Murray's backup or go in another direction. With a full off season and training camp, Tanner should be a capable backup. Fiammetta is solid at fullback so it seems we are set at RB.

Wide receiver could be another strong area on the team if Laurent Robinson re-ups with the Boys. We can then draft a WR if one falls to us, but if not then we have Harris, Holley, Radway and Teddy Williams to back up our three strong WRs. Ogletree will probably be let go unless he shows plenty of improvement in camp.

Witten is a Hall Of Fame TE but he is showing some wear and tear now. Phillips is not an H-back and needs to improve his blocking. Marty B has never reached his potential and will probably be allowed to move on. His place can be neatly filled by drafting Evan Rodriquez out of Temple.

This brings us to the offensive line. Maybe we need a new coach there as the results we have been getting are a hazard to our QB's health. We could re-sign Holland or Dockery but I would prefer to go out and get these free agents:

- -Guard: Ben Grubbs, Baltimore
- -Center: Scott Mruckzowski, San Diego
- -Tackle: Anthony Collins, Cincy.

Any of these would be an improvement and would not break the bank to sign. Also look at Kevin Zeitler, guard, Wisconsin, in the third round or lower.

All or any of these moves should improve our team and realistically we should have a shot at getting them and staying within the salary cap.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.